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A Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving

A Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving

This November, get a jump on your Thanksgiving to-do list: pre-order an all-natural, humanely-raised Thanksgiving turkey from our regional farms, then plan the rest of your menu with platters of salumi and formaggi, homemade desserts, and more!


While la Festa del Ringraziamento might not be an Italian holiday, we give thanks every day for bountiful harvests and fresh, fair ingredients. Our turkeys are heirloom and organic, raised humanely on a special diet, so that you can bring the same Italian quality and care to your Thanksgiving table. Pre-order one of our farm-fresh turkeys before November 22, 2019 by visiting our butcher counter, via email, or by giving us a call at 213.310.8000.

At Eataly, we are proud to offer Thanksgiving turkeys to Los Angeles feasters that have been raised exclusively for us. We carefully sourced our birds from just two small-scale farms that follow the Eataly philosophy of good, clean, and fair. Every step taken ensures that the finished product on your Thanksgiving table is of the utmost quality and fullest flavor.

Heritage Pasture-Raised Turkey | Diestel Family Ranch
$4.90 per pound 

These all natural broad-breasted turkeys are a classic Thanksgiving choice. Raised on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics, growth stimulants, and hormones. Diestel turkeys are consistently better - tender and juicy, with an old-fashioned turkey flavor.

Organic Turkey | Diestel Family Ranch
$6.90 per pound

These broad-breasted turkeys enjoy the freedom of being slow-grown in the clean Sierra Nevada foothills. Certified organic and non-GMO, they are raised on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics, growth stimulants, and hormones.

Heirloom Organic Turkey | Diestel Family Ranch
$7.90 per pound

Diestel heirloom turkey breeds are rare and unique, dating back to the nineteenth century. Get a taste of history while helping to preserve these rare breeds, which are tender and juicy. All heirloom turkeys are certified organic and non-GMO, are fed a vegetarian diet, and raised without antibiotics, growth stimulants, and hormones.

Dry Aged Turkey | Kelly Bronze Farm
$10.90 per pound

Experience high-quality and tradition with the only hand-plucked turkeys in the USA. Dry aged for a minimum of seven days, these unique turkeys have an intensified flavor, superior texture, and produce a rich, natural gravy stock for juicier meat.

Too busy to brine? Our butchers got you covered! Have the turkey of your choice brined for an additional $1 per pound.

Complete your pre-order by visiting our butcher counter or by calling 213-310-8000, or via email at



Start off the festivities with antipasti of salumi and formaggi! Our expert cheesemongers handcraft each platter with care, selecting on the best cheeses and salumi for crowds big to small. Or, impress your guests with a whole leg of Prosciutto di Parma DOP, a whole Culatello di Zibello from Negroni, or even a whole 1/16 of a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano® DOP Vacca Rossa!

Complete your Thanksgiving menu with our selection of high-quality ingredients (think: freshly baked bread, housemade pasta, seasonal fresh vegetables), or go for something extra decadent like the prized tartufo bianco d'Alba – white truffles are now in season! – a selection of Calvisius caviar, and Italian wines.

For dessert, pre-order our Tiramisù della NonnaPasticcini (mini pastries), and housemade Torta di Mele for an Italian take on apple pie, or the Torta alle Noci, a honey caramel and toasted pecan and walnut tart, for something on the nuttier side.

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After you pre-order your bird, check out our delicious recipes for roast turkey and mushroom-sausage stuffing!

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