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Enjoy quality on the go at our take-away counters, which offer everything between savory meals and sweet treats.

  • Cannoli e Bomboloni

    At perhaps our sweetest counter, we serve authentic Sicilian cannoli and rich stuffed bomboloni every day. Every step happens before your eyes, from the shaping of the cannoli shells to the filling of the bomboloni, giving you a taste of the action in our pastry kitchen. All of the pastries are filled to order with a variety of sweet ricotta, jam, and even gelato! Continue reading

  • Il Gelato

    Every day, our pastry team makes small batches of gelato and sorbetto using only the highest quality whole milk from Straus Creamery in California, pistachios from Sicilia, hazelnuts from Piemonte, coffee from Lavazza, and more. Our gelato in Los Angeles boasts a wide selection of flavors served in a variety of handmade cones or even in a bombolone. These sweet frozen treats are available to enjoy in the spot or to take home – depending on how much you want to share, of course! Continue reading

  • La Pasticceria & Venchi

    Eataly USA Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu was trained in Torino, Italy, the home of Eataly’s pastry program. Every day, she and her team create typical Italian pastries, cakes, and gelato that are as beautiful as they are delicious. In keeping with Italian tradition, Katia pays meticulous attention to the quality of her creations, selecting only the finest ingredients from Italy and the U.S. From traditional biscotti to bite-sized pasticcini to cakes, indulge in the sweet side of being Italian. Continue reading

  • Pizza alla Pala

    Every day, our bakers create the unique pizza alla pala, a favorite street food from Roma. This satisfying pizza is named after the wooden “pala,” or paddle, on which it is served. Ready to enjoy on the go, Roman-style, the traditional flatbread is topped with a variety of cured meats, cheeses, and fresh seasonal produce sourced from local farms. Continue reading

  • La Rosticceria

    Mouth-watering prime rib, slow-roasted chickens, and rosemary potatoes fill the store with an irresistible aroma that promises to draw you to our rotisserie in Los Angeles. The ultimate destination for meat lovers, La Rosticceria offers a complete meal in one stop. Build your own plate with the selection of housemade sides (including a new soup of the day!) and roasted meats from sustainable regional farms, such as Creek Stone and Shelton Farms, or take home meat by the pound. All of our rotisserie creations are made fresh and ready to go, so you can enjoy wherever you like. Continue reading

  • L’Orto dello Chef

    L’Orto dello Chef, or “the chef’s garden,” is our take on the salad bar, created in collaboration with renowned Los Angeles chefs and restaurants. Offering a variety of flavorful and healthy lunch options, L'Orto dello Chef features satisfying salads, grain bowls, seasonal soups, and fresh juices. Each season, a different chef will share his or her own featured dishes, in addition to the ongoing menu with staple items. First up, discover the menu by Chef Jason Neroni of Rose Café, available only for a limited time.
  • I Panini

    Offering a high-quality meal on the go, our sandwich counter serves a selection of traditional Italian panini. Each is prepared with high-quality local and Italian meats, cheeses, and fresh produce, all sandwiched in a housemade baguette or ciabatta (crunchy roll). All ingredients are sourced directly from our own store, including the bread shaped and baked by hand in our bakery, the meats and cheeses from the salumi and formaggi counter, and the seasonal vegetables from our produce department. Finish your meal with our favorite side: crispy potato chips made in-house, available in multiple flavors. And don't miss our seasonal soup of the day! Continue reading

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