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Caviar Day at Eataly L.A.

Caviar Day at Eataly L.A.

Ready to be the hero of Valentine’s Day? We got you covered.


In addition to the romantic festivities at Eataly L.A., caviar will overtake our marketplace on Valentine's Day. Taste the rich, buttery product for yourself and learn more during our GUIDED TASTING! Our product experts will be serving up complimentary tastes of select Calvisius caviar on February 14. As always, come with questions, from recipe ideas to wine pairings.

After you choose your favorite for 30% OFF, surprise your Valentine with the tin of the FAMED APHRODISIAC for dinner. Cozy up as you spread caviar on bruschetta, top your pasta, or hey — just pick up a spoon. (Find more ideas here!) However you dig in, savor each pop of the glossy beads between sips of bubbly or dry white wine.

Over dinner, you can casually drop into conversation that we source our SUSTAINABLE CAVIAR from CALVISIUS, which has run an "avant-garde" farm in Lombardia since 1977. Today, the company remains dedicated to combining Italian traditions with respect for nature and passion for perfection. The area's pure spring water supports the farming of the premium roe, which is best for the health of the sturgeon and for the quality of the product. And throughout the entire life cycle of the fish, Calvisius directs each phase, giving us COMPLETE TRACEABILITY of every tin.

Mark your calendar for Caviar Day, check the wow factor off your romantic dinner list, then learn more about VALENTINE'S DAY AT EATALY LOS ANGELES!


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