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SALE-A-BRATE at Eataly Los Angeles

SALE-A-BRATE at Eataly Los Angeles

Happy anniversary to us – Eataly turns 13 years old this January!

On January 27, 2007, Oscar Farinetti opened the first Eataly in a once-abandoned vermouth factory in Torino, Italy. Over a decade later today, there are 40 locations across the world, including your own Eataly Los Angeles.

Sale-a-brate being 13 with us! Now that we're entering our teenage years, join us in giving in to grown-up tastes with up to 50% OFF HUNDREDS OF OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS, only until February 2, 2020.


dry-aged meat on sale


50% off select cuts* only on Saturday, February 1

For one day only on Saturday, February 1, we're offering you 50% off Creekstone Farms Prime Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye and Shell Steak cuts (just in time to stock up for your weekend festivities for the big game).  Dry-aging involves resting large cuts of meat in a controlled, open-air environment for an extended period of time, breaking down the muscle tissue, sealing in flavor, and creating a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Creekstone Farms produces the world's finest Black Angus Beef, raised and grazed humanely. As always, we are proud to say that all of the meat we offer follows our “never ever” guidelines: No antibiotics ever! No added hormones ever! No growth-promoting drugs ever! Curious to learn more? Check out our ultimate guide to dry-aged beef and mark your calendars for Dry-Aged Day on February 1, 2020!

Want the perfect wine pairing for your game-day grilling? Shop Campagnola Amarone Valpolicella at 40% OFF only on February 1. Salute!

Urbani truffle oil on sale at Eataly


January 27–February 2, 2020

Each week, we'll introduce you to iconic producers with up to half off their entire line. This week, get a taste of our featured producers below!

50% off Italian truffle products*

Urbani is the world’s most esteemed distributor of the revered truffle. Hunted in the forests of central and northern Italy, the truffle boasts earthy aromas and deep flavors. This week, shop for ready-to-eat sauces, sliced truffles, and even sweet chocolate truffles to bring this prized ingredient to your table!

Caffarel chocolates on sale at Eataly

50% off Italian chocolates & confections 

Caffarel has been making chocolate confections since 1826 in a small town in the foothills near Torino. Due to rations on cocoa in the 19th century, artisans from the Piemonte region – led by founder Pier Paul Caffarel – began to try recipes with a higher proportion of local ingredients, including the famous Piemontese hazelnuts. Thus, gianduja, the chocolate-hazelnut treat now beloved by chocolate-lovers worldwide, was invented.  Get a taste this week with 50% off!

Rovagnati prosciutto cotto on sale

30% off Gran Biscotto prosciutto* 

Based in Lombardia, this Italian salume company specializes in producing a  high-quality prosciutto cotto (cooked ham). In the 1970s, the founder's son, Paolo, had a vision to produce a unique prosciutto cotto. After several years of testing raw materials and production techniques, he finalized the very first versions of what is now known as Gran Biscotto. In Milan, when you taste something really delicious, you typically say "È come un biscotto," or "It's like a cookie." Legend has it that Paolo's wife Claudia said these exact words when she tasted the new prosciutto cotto, and the rest is history! Try it this week at 30% off, and see if you agree.

Fresh burrata cheese

30% off assorted fresh burrata*

Coming from a strong cheesemaking tradition in Graniti, Sicilia, the Calabro family has married their ancestors’ traditional artisan skills with American work ethic to make fresh cheeses for over 50 years. Made with fresh, pasteurized cow’s milk, try their burrata, smoked burrata, and stracciatella for a creamy addition to any antipasto board, and even paired with truffle spreads. Our housemade Bianca burrata and burrata fresca italia are also on sale at 30% OFF. 

Fresh vegetables on sale at Eataly

Up to 30% Off*

This week, find some of our finest ingredients at 30% OFF, including Creekstone Farm Black Angus Beef, Paradise Wild Mexican Shrimp, and housemade Pansotti Liguri. Then pair your fresh cuts and catches with a seasonal contorni like fresh Blood Oranges, Brussels Sprouts, Marcona Almonds, and more at up to 30% OFF. Remember: you can always shop on Instacart to get it delivered!

Bormioli sale Eataly

30% off select housewares*

Ototo makes functional household items with a witty and unexpected twist. Meaning “any minute now” in Hebrew, Ototo was founded on the understanding that an innovative idea can pop into your head – and your kitchen – at any moment. 

Based in Italy, Bormioli Rocco uses the finest natural resources to create superior glass and plastic products for homes and businesses around the world. From the finest sand to organic glazes for the colors in the glass, all are brought together in products influenced by exhaustive design research. Their jars are great for storing pantry foods, while their colorful glass bottles are beautiful enough to be table centerpieces.


January 3–February 2, 2020 

Celebrate 13 years of Eataly with SALES ALL MONTH. As you stroll through the marketplace, discover new favorite Italian artisans, then stock your pantry with their bronze-extruded pasta, extra virgin olive oil, and more — all with up to 50% OFF.

Wine sale at Eataly


January 3-February 2, 2020

After you pick up your ingredients, don't forget to stop by our wine shop to grab a bottle of vino! All month long, we're offering up to 45 % OFF a large selection of Italian wines. Don't miss your chance to try before you buy with our complimentary wine tastings. Get the details and check out our tasting calendar!


January 3-February 2, 2020

Looking for more ways to shop (or maybe even order more than you can carry)? Check out our online sales to bring home even more of our high-quality ingredients to keep your pantry all season long.

Plus, did you know that all of our grocery products are available on Instacart for local delivery and pick-up in-store? Stock up without breaking the bag (or bank). Our Eataly market experts will pick out our top products for you, so you can get your Italian dinner cooking with ease.

*Prices valid while supplies last. Please note that this pop-up sale varies from the online version – see details here.