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Californian Wines

Californian Wines

At Eataly, we are dedicated to high-quality products from Italy: our pasta shelves are stocked with bronze-extruded shapes from Campania, our sauce department features fresh basil pesto from Liguria, and even our mineral water is bottled at a spring in the Italian Alps. 

But when it came to opening the wine shop at Eataly L.A., we realized: When in California, drink Californian.

So, Il Vino is the first wine shop at Eataly to carry bottles that aren't only from Italy. Of course, we still feature an extensive selection of Italian wines, covering all 20 regions. But 15% of Il Vino's offerings is domestic, sourced from Napa Valley and beyond.

To find the best wineries, our team did extensive research across the state of California (it's a hard job, but someone has to do it!).  As a result, all of the local wineries featured at Il Vino share our passion for quality and philosophy for wine that is good, clean, and fair.

Come get a taste of local (and Italian!) wines at Il Vino! Follow us on social media for updates on our tasting bar schedule, so you can try before you buy. We'll cheers to that: salute!