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  • Gelato Festa at Eataly Los Angeles

    On Saturday, July 27, we're hosting the perfect summer celebration: a Gelato Festa! Come discover our variety of creamy artisanal Italian gelato.
  • Pesto Weeks at Eataly L.A.

    Dig deeper into pesto at Eataly with two weeks of special dishes, complimentary tastings, and demonstrations. See the details!
  • Guest Chef Series at Eataly L.A.

    Join us on Thursday, March 12 for our Guest Chef Series at La Pizza & La Pasta featuring Chef Daniel Cutler of Ronan and his signature pizzas!
  • Pesce Weeks at Eataly Los Angeles

    Ready to take a dive into the cool and briny waters of the coast? From July 8 to 21, join us for Pesce Weeks, a celebration of the ocean's finest!

    For two whole weeks, we’re celebrating the wonders of the sea with a unique selection of seafood at our fish counter, restaurant specials, and seafood deals. Explore the calendar of events below!

    Oyster Day at Eataly Los Angeles


    July 13, all day

    Simple and refreshing, oysters are one of the ocean's most perfect products. For one day only, shuck, slurp, and sip $1 oysters at our seafood counter. Dive into the story of Island Creek Oysters (our local oyster farmer) then learn more about each briny bivalve we’ll be offering below.

    Less salty than traditional Wellfleet, with a perfect blend of sweetness and salt at the finish

    Plump, buttery, and meaty with a balanced brine

    CADILLAC MOUNTAIN | Goose Cove, Maine
    Intense brine with a full sweet finish

    MOON SHOAL | Barnstable, MA
    Sweet, buttery, meaty, low in salt

    The perfect pairing to fresh oysters? Sparkling Italian vino, of course. Enjoy 25% off Sparkling Rosato Villa Sandi for July 13 only.

    Seafood Bucket at Eataly Los Angeles


    Saturday, July 20 | All day

    Can’t decide which seafood to get? No problem. On Saturday, July 20, we'll be offering our favorite summer catches by the bucketful for just $25*. We'll fill up a whole bucket with enough seafood (think: blue crabs, little neck clams, mussels, and shrimp) to make the perfect padellata di mare, the Italian version of a clam bake. And for an additional $15, we’ll throw in a Lobster Tail, too.

    Stop by our fish counter, La Pescheria, to fill up a bucket!

    *While supplies last. Limit two bucket per customer. Seafood selection subject to change. 


    You might have visited our fish counter before, but did you know that much of the fish we source is seasonal? Yup, that's right! Even fish has a season. As the climate and tides change, certain fish migrate along the Atlantic Coast. We work with fishermen who follow the seasons and catch what the sea provides, which is a much more sustainable way to fish. Right now, our seasonal catches include swordfish and striped bass. Discover the variety at our fish counter.

    Seafood counter at Eataly NYC Flatiron

  • Negroni Week at Eataly Los Angeles

    Drink for a good cause and enjoy summer the Italian way with Negroni Week at Eataly Los Angeles from June 24 to 30.
  • Burger Day 2019 at Eataly Los Angeles

    Although burgers are decidedly an American tradition, we Italians can’t help but embrace the iconic summer staple. In fact, we love this delectable dish so much we’ve decided to dedicate an entire day to it. Get the details!
  • How to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at Eataly L.A.

    This Memorial Day Weekend, kick off summer the Italian way! Whether you are stocking up for a celebration or just want to relax with a fantastic brunch, Eataly L.A. has everything you need. Continue reading

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