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Los Angeles Stories

  • Stone Fruit Festa at Eataly LA

    It's summertime, amici, and with the arrival of warmer weather also comes some of our favorite seasonal produce: stone fruit! Join us from July 12 to July 18 for Stone Fruit Festa at Eataly! We'll be highlighting all of this season's most delectable stone fruit: from yellow and white peaches and nectarines to plums, apricots, cherries, and more!  Continue reading

  • Vintage Beef Days at Eataly Los Angeles

    Fire up your grills for Vintage Beef Days at Eataly, amici! Impress your friends and family by shopping a cut above the rest.



    Check out our vintage beef cuts from Mindful Meats, from NY Strip to Ribeye, and more, at up to 20% off from June 28 to July 5, 2021! Vintage beef boasts impressive intra-muscular marbling due to the mature age of their cows and a much more intense flavor than its younger counterparts: it is only slightly sweet, with intense earthiness and minerality on the palate (owing to a grass-fed diet). The fat takes on a yellow pigmentation with age, adding to the depth of flavor. Shop in-store, order online with Instacart or Mercato!


    Mindful Meats organic beef is raised on pasture in Marin and Sonoma counties. Their mission as a farm is to lead the industry into a new way of thinking about sourcing beef: Dual Purpose Animal Agriculture through the upcycling of organic pasture-raised cows for beef. The cows are raised, harvested, and processed locally–truly supporting the local foodshed and supporting the local farming community. 



    No farmer producing vintage beef will contend that their product is better, per se, just different. Young cows are known for their buttery, almost silken tenderness. Mature cows, instead, are prized for their complex depth of flavor. Beef from cows four to six years old will have an earthy taste, while cows between 8-15 years will have the pungent and gamey taste that has exploded in popularity among chefs from New York to Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Valencia.

    A presto!

  • Vino Days at Eataly L.A.

    Mark your calendars! From March 26-29, get 20% OFF when you buy 6 or more bottles of wine and spirits.
  • Urbani Black Truffle Festival at Eataly L.A.

    Why wait until winter to indulge in the splendor of truffles? This summer, you don't have to: Black Truffle Festival has returned, amici!
  • Berry Festa at Eataly Los Angeles

    Burst onto the scene this summer with our colorful array of seasonal berries! In Italy, fresh fruit is one of the most treasured treats – a sign of summer and long, lazy meals al fresco.
  • Grilling Season at Eataly Los Angeles

    Celebrate the long weekend with 50% off dry-aged steak from Creekstone Farms this week. Get the details!
  • Dry-Aged Days at Eataly Los Angeles

    For our final weekend of "Sale" into Summer: Dry-Aged Days are here! Celebrate with prime cuts from Creekstone Farms at 50% off, select bottles of wine on sale, and an authentic Italian meal delivered to your doorstep.

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