7 Ways to Eat Better, Live Better at Eataly

7 Ways to Eat Better, Live Better at Eataly

No need for a New Year's resolution to "eat better" – at Eataly, we're all about eating better all year round. It's no secret that the quality of what you consume not only helps you live better, it also helps the world around you.

Remember, what you choose every day determines what we'll stock on our shelves (and ultimately serve in our restaurants!) over time. When you demand quality products, you support the local farmers, fishermen, butchers, bakers, and cheesemakers who produce them. You create a better environment—for eating and beyond.

Discover 7 of our favorite ways to Eat Better, Live Better in our marketplace.


1. Lunch Better, Live Better

Make your midday meal one that will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the rest of the day! Sit down and relax for a while with our new $19 two-course prix fixe lunch menu at La Pizza & La Pasta, featuring salads made with locally-sourced produce and heritage grains, and housemade antipasti like our fresh mozzarella. Or grab a quick, healthy lunch at our take-away counters, full of fresh new dishes, including warming soups made with in-season ingredients, a creative selection for build-your-own salads, whole grain pizza & pasta dough, and more.


2. Eat More Seasonal Produce 

While we might have stores all over the country, we work with local farms to make sure that we're bringing the best fruit and vegetables of the season to each marketplace. In fact, our experts even visit the local Santa Monica Farmers Market every week, chatting with regional producers to make sure what’s in season makes it from the farm to your family table. If you have a question about chopping, pairing, or cooking, we have the answer and are happy to help!

You can drink your fruits and vegetables, too, you know! We love to combine pureed or juiced fruit with sparkling mineral water for a tasty mocktail at home. Bonus points for serving with creative fresh garnishes.


3. Dive into Sustainable Seafood 

You might have visited our fish counter, La Pescheria, before, but did you know that much of the fish we source is seasonal? Yup, even fish has a season. As the climate and tides change, certain fish migrate along the coast. We work with sustainable fishermen and distributors from near and far, who help ensure that our seafood is caught in ways that consider the long-term vitality of the species and the oceans. This means the best seafood for you, Californian fishermen, and the world.

At Il Pesce Cucina, you can try Island Creek Oysters (and learn how they arrived on your plate), or bring home unique varieties of fish from our fishmonger to prepare at home!


4. Befriend Your Butcher 

Don’t be afraid to ask our experts behind the counter about the cuts you see. They can tell you about the sustainable farm it came from, the family behind it, and the humane way the animal was raised. We believe that the health of both the animals and the land on which they are raised has a direct impact on the quality and flavor, so our meat will never ever have contact with antibiotics, added hormones, or growth-promoting drugs.

The meats you see cooked on the wood-burning grill at rooftop Terra? All from our very own butcher counter. Get our secrets to grilling like an Italian.


5. Break Better Bread

No trip to Eataly, or true Italian meal, is complete without a loaf of rustic bread. We source our stone-ground flours from the best of Italy and the U.S. The stone-grinding technique preserves essential nutrients in the grains for added nutritional value and flavor. That flour is combined with the lievito madre, or "mother leaven," the key to transforming flour and water into traditional Italian bread. The proofed bread is transported to our oven, where the loaves are turned by hand and baked to perfection. 

Every day, our bakers make bread for our restaurants, our take-away counters, and for you. Choose from our variety of sweet and savory loaves, and if you need it sliced, just ask your friendly Eataly team member behind the counter!


6. Master the Marketplace

At Eataly, we are proud to offer the best Italian products made by our regional farmers, bakers, and pasta makers. We choose to work with producers who share our passion for making the highest quality food and drink accessible to everyone, helping us deliver extra virgin olive oil, San Marzano tomatoes, and air-dried pasta to your doorstep directly from Italy. 

If you've ever tried lo spaghetto al pomodoro in one of our restaurants, or maybe a simple, satisfying tagliata di manzo, know that you can shop the same exact high-quality ingredients to make it yourself. Yes, you read that correctly: we want you to recreate your favorite Eataly dishes at home! 


7. Join the #EatalyZeroWaste Journey

When you eat better at our restaurants and counters, shop artisanal products in our marketplace, and take the time to learn the story of each ingredient, you are supporting small-scale producers with sustainable practices. Not only does that cause you to live better, but positively impacts our environment as a whole. Check out how we're becoming more and more sustainable, and learn how you can help us reach our goal of zero waste at Eataly.

Want to do your part to eat more sustainably? We have gathered some of our favorite tips because even our smallest daily choices can make a difference

Plan your visit to eat better and live better at Eataly L.A. – book your table at our restaurants, lunch at our take-away counters, shop our market, and get more recipes and stories on our magazine!