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  • Italian Easter Recipes

    What do Italians eat for Easter? Discover the traditional dishes from antipasti to dolci!
  • Colomba vs. Panettone

    So you know and love panettone, a sweet fluffy bread served for Christmas in Italy. But did you know about its Easter cousin, colomba?
  • What is Natural Wine?

    Wait – isn't all wine natural? Learn more about "natural wine" from how it's made and what it tastes like to storing it properly with our in-depth beginner's guide.
  • Aperol Spritz

    When it comes to enjoying an aperitivo – the Italian version of happy hour – no cocktail is more important than the Aperol Spritz. Get the official recipe on Eataly Magazine!
  • Spring into Primavera

    Spring is here, which means birds chirping, longer days, and — our favorite  colorful new vegetables. Learn how to bring the bounty to your table with our spring produce guide!

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  • Ravioli ai Piselli

    Celebrate the new season with this bright ravioli recipe that wraps sweet spring peas in fresh pasta dressed in a refreshing lemon-butter sauce.
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