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What is Cucina del Mercato?

What is Cucina del Mercato?

Nota bene: Select counters in Cucina del Mercato are temporarily closed. Explore our current hours of operations and authentic Italian favorites you can enjoy right now.

For the first time ever in all of Eataly's history, we introduced a new concept in Las Vegas that no Eataly has ever done before: Cucina del Mercato. Literally meaning “kitchen of the market,” Cucina del Mercato is our first open counter-to-table concept. It is comprised of six different fresh counters where you can eat what you shop and shop what you eat – all in one place.

What makes this unique from other Eataly stores? In each of our 37+ locations around the world, our idea is simple: to gather in one place high-quality ingredients from Italy and the surrounding area, and to invite guests to eat, shop, and learn all under a single roof! Traditionally, our restaurants and counters are separate from the marketplace.

While all of our eateries use the same ingredients found in our store, it is not always possible to eat and shop at the same counter. But now, with Cucina del Mercato, you can shop and eat (and learn about!) our ingredients and dishes from the same counter within the store. By breaking down the barriers between kitchen and marketplace, we hope you can experience Eataly to fullest.

So how does it work?

Eataly Cucina del Mercato



We have six different fresh counters that are a part of the Cucina del Mercato concept: La Macelleria (The Butcher), La Pescheria (The Fishmonger), La Pasta Fresca (fresh pasta), La Pizzeria, La Salumeria (cured meats and cheese shop), and Italian Street Food. Thirsty? We also have two bars! Try just one, or try them all!


Step up to the counter, and get ready for a show! Watch our chefs, mongers, butchers, bakers, and pasta makers practice their craft as they prepare your food right before your eyes.


Take a look at the menu and place your order with our staff at the counter. See a particular cut of meat or fresh fish you want to taste? Want to create your own meat and cheese board? Anything is possible at Cucina del Mercato. Choose from among our curated selections or design your own plate!

After you place your order. Our staff will hand you a high-tech GPS tracking buzzer that you can take with you around the store. Take a walk or find a seat – we'll buzz you when your food is ready for pickup!


Like what you ate? Want to try more at home? From each of our six fresh counters, you can also shop the ingredients you see behind the counter. Our staff will be glad to tell you the story behind each and every one of our ingredients – and give you cooking tips, too!



After you've explored all the counters at Cucina del Mercato, check out all the other ways to eat, shop, and learn at Eataly Las Vegas!