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Panettone e Pandoro Party

Panettone e Pandoro Party

Unwrap something rich, sweet, and fluffy during a Panettone e Pandoro Party at Eataly Las Vegas on November 30 and December 14! Trust us: these legendary holiday cakes are worth the trip.

Literally translating to "big bread," panettone is traditionally made over several days as artisanal bakers hand-shape the finicky dough with natural yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise, then fold candied fruit into the dome-shaped cake. We love this classic version, but you should also experiment with the other varieties, from orange to hazelnut to chocolate (swoon).

On the other hand, pandoro means "golden bread" and is made with a rich, eggy dough similar to a French brioche. The star-shaped cake is modeled after the mountains near Verona, where pandoro gets its origins from. Before serving, it's dusted with a small amount of powdered sugar giving it a festive snow-topped mountain look.

Panettone Party 

On  December 14 you can stop by our Chef's Table for a special Panettone Pop-up Party to get a taste of holiday creations featuring some of our favorite artisanal bakers in Italy. From 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., try a slice of Panettone with Venchi Suprema and Pandoro with housemade mascarpone and cherries at just $5 a piece. Try them both, then shop the market for these sweet treats and recreate them for your holiday table!

Panettone and Pandoro Tradition

The best part about panettone and pandoro? You can eat the rich, fluffy cakes at any hour of the day (read: for breakfast) paired with sweet spreads, alongside coffee, or with a glass of wine. If you're feeling extra sweet, share panettone with your family and friends. In Italy, we love to give these elegantly wrapped cakes as gifts to symbolize luck and prosperity through the New Year. (Pro tip: they make excellent host presents!). Check out our full selection of Muzzi Tommaso Panettone and assorted Pandoro in the marketplace.

These tasty traditions have been around for hundreds of years. According to legend, the first panettone was created in Milano in the 15th century (discover the legend here); ever since, the cake has been on the holiday tables of Italians across the peninsula and now the world.

A presto — see you at the Panettone e Pandoro Party!