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Celebrate Truffles at Eataly Las Vegas

Celebrate Truffles at Eataly Las Vegas

Get ready to unearth one of Italy's most prized ingredients – fresh white truffles are back in season! Read on for the full calendar of truffle events in Las Vegas.

Native to Italy, the tuber magnatum is a white truffle that grows from September to December in the forests of Piemonte, particularly in the region of Alba. The tartufo bianco is a particularly treasured variety thanks to its golden color, pungent aroma and delicate, earthy flavor. It's no wonder that Italians call this ingredient the "diamond of the kitchen."

We're celebrating this unique variety of truffles with an epic truffle fest in our marketplace and restaurants with a specialty Tartufi & Funghi Menu at Manzo, menu specials, complimentary tastings, a Chef’s Table dinner, and more.

Some specials will last through the end of white truffle season and some are only available through November 17. Read on to explore all upcoming truffle events!


November 20 to 27, 2019

Don't miss your chance to taste this unique tuber, which is season only a few months out of the year! From authentic truffle oil to truffle sauces, spreads, and more, Urbani offers a vast selection of truffle products for every palate. And this fall, you'll have a chance to shop 20% off select Urbani items from November 21-27, 2019, including authentic truffle oil and ready-to-eat mushroom & white truffle sauces. Mark your calendars to join the hunt!

Or, maybe you're ready to try your hand at shaving fresh truffles at home? Stop by our butcher counter to pick up your fresh white truffles – get them now while supplies last! And stop by our Chef's Table to pick up your fresh white truffles at the lowest price of the season on Truffle Day on November 27, 2019! Need inspiration for how to use them at home? Check out all the ways to truffle on our magazine.



Through January 5, 2020

Truffles pair well with many dishes – and that's exactly what makes the hunt worthwhile at Manzo. Elevate your dinner plans with the ultimate autumnal ingredients of tartufi e funghi, or truffles and mushrooms, featured in our special Tartufi & Funghi Menu. Only inside Eataly’s hidden gem, you can get a taste of the esteemed white truffles and high-quality wild mushrooms. This limited-edition menu features decadent ingredients like never before with special dishes, tableside Urbani truffle shaving, customizable courses, and more.



Get a taste of the prized truffles with a special pasta dish at La Pizza e La Pasta. Indulge with fresh white truffle shavings added to your dish or try something new incorporating the decadent tuber.


Curious to learn more about where our truffles come from? Discover the story of Urbani, the world's most esteemed distributor of Italian truffles.