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Italian Street Food

Italian Street Food

Some of the best Italian food is what you can get from the little man with the carrettino, or "little cart," off the side of the road in small towns and tiny villages across Italy. Think: mouthwatering fritters, panini stuffed to the brim, and roasted specialties. 

The perfect way to enjoy Eataly while walking along the Las Vegas Strip, our Italian Street Food counter is divided into three distinct corners of food best enjoyed on-the-go: Il Fritto, serving lightly fried bites; Mozzarella Bar, offering housemade mozzarella variations and pairings; and La Rosticceria, featuring our famous prime rib panini and roasted meats. All bites may be paired with wine, beer, or our all-natural Italian sodas. Open overnight from 11 a.m. to 7 a.m., guests can now enjoy select panini and pizza alla pala by the slice for a late-night bite.


Rotisserie & Panini Menu
Mozzarella Bar Menu
Il Fritto Menu

Open Daily
11 a.m..–7 a.m.

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Il Fritto is our area of the counter serving up lightly fried bites, from a fritto misto di pesce, lightly battered seafood served in a paper cone, to arancini, fried rice balls stuffed with a variety of fillings. We encourage you to take it go as you stroll through the store, just like you would in the streets of Italy!



Every day, we make fresh fiordilatte mozzarella, burrata, and stracciatella cheese by hand right in front of our guests, transforming local curd into fresh, flavorful pasta filata, or stretched curd. Discover the age-old process at the Mozzarella Lab, where you can watch our mozzarella makers cut, stretch, and shape each ball by hand. Then enjoy the same fresh cheese at the Mozzarella Bar and in our restaurants with our variety of mozzarella-based dishes!

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Mouth-watering prime rib, freshly-baked bread, and roasted vegetables fill the store with an irresistible aroma that draws guests to La Rosticceria, serving rotisserie-roasted chickens, seasonal vegetable sides, and an array of Italian sandwiches all day. Roasted fresh daily, our whole rotisserie chickens are raised on open pasture and cage-free farms. Served all day, our panini are prepared with high-quality local and Italian meats, cheeses, seasonal vegetables, and house-baked Eataly bread. Pick up a ready-to-go panini, or have your favorite made to order, like our famous juicy prime rib, a succulent sandwich made simply with 100% Black Angus Beef from Creekstone Farms, extra virgin olive oil, housemade porcini rub, and a touch of sea salt, wrapped in our housemade focaccia baguette.

Hungry yet? Italian Street Food is part of our Cucina del Mercato open counter-to-table concept where we cook what we sell and sell what we cook right before your eyes. You can find this counter inside our marketplace, which is located at the entrance of Park MGM on Las Vegas Boulevard.