La Cucina del Mercato

Literally meaning "Kitchen of the Market," Cucina del Mercato is our open counter-to-table concept comprised of six different fresh counters where you can eat what you shop and shop what you eat – all in one place. Inspired by the open markets of Italy, here you can watch our chefs, mongers, butchers, bakers, and pasta makers practice their craft as they prepare your food behind the counter. Once you order, find a seat nearby – we'll take care of the rest!

  • Enoteca

    At Enoteca, guests can taste from a wide selection of Italian wine and classic cocktails. Located next to La Pasta Fresca, pair your glass with a bowl of housemade fresh pasta made right before your eyes, or simply sip and enjoy during aperitivo.

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  • Italian Street Food

    Some of the best Italian food is what you can get from the little man with the carrettino, or "little cart," off the side of the road in small towns and tiny villages across Italy. Think: mouthwatering fritters, panini stuffed to the brim, and roasted specialties. 

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  • La Macelleria: Butcher & Kitchen

    In Italy, enjoying meat is all about freshness, simplicity, and bringing out the natural flavors. Located inside Cucina del Mercato, La Macelleria is our butcher’s kitchen that sources meat from clean, sustainable farms and ranches where the animals graze daily in open pastures and are humanely handled.

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  • La Pasta Fresca: Market & Kitchen

    At our fresh pasta counter, you can watch our expert pastai (pasta makers) knead, roll, cut, and form intricate shapes by hand, right before your eyes. Then, savor each shape paired with regional sauces, seasonal ingredients, and a glass or bottle of Italian wine
  • La Pescheria: Fishmonger & Kitchen

    At La Pescheria, explore our fishmonger’s selection of small plates, grilled fish, and seafood pasta. Alternatively, choose from our daily catches and watch our chefs cook it right in front of you with your choice of cooking style. We also offer a daily selection of seasonal oysters, as well as pesce crudo, Italian ceviche served simply with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. All dishes may be paired with a glass or bottle of wine or Italian beer.

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  • La Pizzeria: Roman Handcrafted Pizza alla Pala

    Discover Roman-style pizza alla pala gourmet, made with organic Italian flour from Mulino Marino, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the best fresh ingredients carefully selected by our chefs
  • La Salumeria: Cheesemonger & Kitchen

    La Salumeria offers a variety of cured meats and cheeses sourced from the best producers in Italy and the U.S. Savor our cheesemonger’s curated boards or build your own by choosing from an assortment of our favorite cheese and cured meats, perfect for pairing with a glass or bottle of Italian wine.

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