Watch as our bakers mix organic, stone-ground flour sourced from Mulino Marino in Piemonte with our natural mother yeast before hand-shaping all of our housemade loaves and Roman-style bakery pizza. Pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread, or enjoy sweet and savory focacciaa while you explore our marketplace.








italian bakery Las Vegas


Lievito madre, or "mother leaven," is the key to transforming flour and water into traditional Italian bread. The yeast makes the bread rise and adds a unique flavor that is specific to the climate, water, flour, and history behind each mother. Our time-honored yeast gives each loaf a rustic sourness; it is tested daily by our head baker to determine how to yield the best bread possible.

pizza alla pala


Every day, our bakers create the unique Pizza alla Pala, a favorite street food from Rome, served at La Pizzeria. This thin-crust pizza is named after the wooden pala, or "paddle," on which it is served. Ready to enjoy on-the-go, these traditional  Italian flatbreads are topped with a variety of fresh sliced meats, cheeses and local seasonal vegetables, then sliced into squares.

Eataly Foccacia | Italian Bakery Las Vegas


Eataly's bakery offers an abundant selection of focaccia, a Ligurian flatbread topped with high-quality ingredients, including simply sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, olives and herbs, tomato sauce and mozzarella, and stuffed – perfect for a light lunch option on the go.