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We believe that quality food doesn’t have to take up quality time. Our take-away eateries and counters at Cucina del Mercato offer freshly-prepared savory and sweet bites that can be enjoyed in our store or on-the-go. Eataly Las Vegas also has three bars showcasing iconic Italian cocktails, spirits, and a wide selection of regional Italian wines.

  • Cucina del Mercato

    Inspired by the open markets of Italy, here you can watch our chefs, mongers, butchers, bakers, and pasta makers practice their craft as they prepare your food behind the counter. Once you order, find a seat nearby – we’ll let you know once it's ready!
  • Bakery

    Watch as our bakers mix organic, stone-ground flour sourced from Mulino Marino in Piemonte with our natural mother yeast before hand-shaping all of our housemade loaves and Roman-style bakery pizza. Pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread, or enjoy sweet and savory focacciaa while you explore our marketplace.

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  • Caffè Lavazza

    Our caffè offers a wide menu of Lavazza’s traditional Italian espresso-based drinks, American coffee drinks, and our housemade cornetti and pastries for an authentic colazione all’italiana, or Italian breakfast.
  • I Dolci Italiani

    At the sweetest counter of Eataly Las Vegas, everything happens before your eyes, from the shell shaping to the filling.
  • Il Cioccolato Venchi

    Founded in Piemonte in 1878, Venchi follows traditional recipes to create their artisinal chocolates. Each of their sweet confections is made with only the finest natural ingredients, such as criollo cocoa, natural vanilla, and the famous Piemontese IGP Hazelnut. At Eataly’s Venchi counter, you can order anything from a single chocolate to an entire customized order.
  • Gran Caffè Milano

    Inspired by the elegant cafés of Milano, Gran Caffè Milano is an upscale, full-service Italian bar offering Italian cocktails, regional wine, beer, and spirits all day long. This high-end, yet approachable bar is an ode to the Italian appreciation of fine art, with its beautiful, yet functional Italian design, including a replica of the famous bull mosaic in Milano.
  • Il Gelato

    Our team makes from scratch small batches of these frozen treats using only the highest quality ingredients, including pistachios from Sicilia, hazelnuts from Piemonte, coffee from Lavazza, and more.

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