A5 Wagyu at Eataly Las Vegas

A5 Wagyu at Eataly Las Vegas
 Just in time for your holiday celebrations, experience a taste of luxury with one of our favorite indulgences at 30% OFF. What better way to kick off your festivities than with tender cuts of A5 Wagyu.

On December 3, 2022 — for one day only — we're offering 30% OFF prized cuts of A5 Wagyu. One of the most exquisite cuts of meat in the world, Japanese A5 Wagyu is renowned for its intense marbling, buttery texture and rich umami flavor. Pick up a prized cut and season simply to fully savor its natural excellence.

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This specialty cut of Japanese cattle is unlike anything you've ever tasted before! The term Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle. In Japan, wa means “Japanese” and gyu means “cow." The genetics of Wagyu cattle date back 3500 years, with their prized DNA giving them a signature intramuscular marbling that add incredible depth and texture.

A5 is the highest level grade that Japanese offer their cattle. This translates to a rich, buttery flavor profile and unique texture unlike any other.

Looking to step up your grill game in time for the holiday festivities? Pick up a prized cut at our butcher counter at 30% OFF on December 3, and check out our butcher's guide to better grilling here.