MEMORIAL DAY – Step up your grill game with the best prime cuts, seasonings, and more. GET YOUR GRILL ON.

Grill Weeks at Eataly Las Vegas

Grill Weeks at Eataly Las Vegas

Things are heating up at Eataly Las Vegas from May 25 through July 2 with our six-week celebration of grilled meats!

This summer, Eataly Las Vegas is celebrating all the ways you can grill like an Italian with restaurant specialsbutcher features, classes, and complimentary tastings! Here are some of the ways you can enjoy.

WAGYU DAY | May 25


What is Wagyu and where does it come from?

Wagyu beef is prized because of its intense marbling and high percentage of oleaginous, intramuscular unsaturated fat. Snake River Farms is the premier producer of the Wagyu steaks you can find at Eataly Las Vegas. Their beef features the famed buttery texture, complex flavors, and subtle sweetness with a lingering finish. Ask our experts for tips and tricks and discover all of the ways to enjoy.

Enjoy 50% off select Wagyu!

Kick off Grill Weeks with Wagyu Day on May 25 featuring 50% off select Wagyu cuts at La Macelleria, our butcher counter.* Perfect timing for Memorial Day, bring home USDA Prime cuts for the ultimate long-weekend cookout.
*Limit two per customer, while supplies last.

Let us do the cooking for you.

Traveling or don’t have a grill at home? Enjoy a Wagyu menu special in honor of the occasion at La Macelleria. Choose from the Wagyu Porterhouse, Wagyu Shell Steak, or Wagyu Culotte from Snake River Farms and tell our experts how you want it prepared. Enjoy one of these amazing cuts with a contorni of your choice for 50% off.

For a more elevated Wagyu experience, head over to or Italian butcher's restaurant, Manzo and see what we're cooking up for grill weeks!

SeptemberFest-GALDOPHOTO-29Sep2017-004_preview dry aged beef

DRY AGE DAY | June 14

What is dry-aged beef?

Dry aging is the process of allowing large cuts of meat to rest in a controlled, open-air environment for an extended period of time. This allows enzymes in the meat to break down the proteins and concentrate the flavors, resulting in tender meat with a rich and complex flavor that is unique to dry-aged beef.  To highlight the rich and complex flavors, dry-aged beef is best prepared with simple ingredients.

Enjoy dry-aged meat at 50% off!

Eataly Las Vegas is celebrating Dry Age Day with 50% off select prime cuts from Creekstone Farms on June 14!* Perfect timing for Father's Day festivities, pick up fresh, USDA prime cuts from La Macelleria to prepare the ultimate meal to share with your father figures and loved ones.

Savor perfectly grilled dry-aged meat at Manzo.

Manzo — which means “beef” in Italian — is a celebration of sustainable butcher farms and Italian culinary heritage. Our intimate, Italian butcher's restaurant features prime quality dry-aged meats perfectly cooked over our three-tiered wood-burning grill. Try the signature Ribeye Appesa, a 42-ounce, dry-aged Creekstone Farms ribeye suspended above our three-tiered wood-fire grill, slow-roasted, and reversed seared to perfection. Explore the entire menu featuring a Porterhouse, New York Strip. and more from Creekstone Farms.


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Mark your calendar for Burger Day at Eataly Las Vegas on July 2. Stay tuned for additional details!

*Limit two per customer, while supplies last.