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What to Eat & Drink at Eataly Las Vegas

What to Eat & Drink at Eataly Las Vegas

Take a culinary tour of Italy as you taste your way through our dozens of sweet and savory counters, two full-service restaurants, and multiple bars – each serving up genuine Italian creations. Our secret? 100% of high-quality ingredients and a whole lot of passion.

Explore all the ways to eat and drink at Eataly Las Vegas below, then plan your visit! Trust us–you'll want to come hungry.


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Italians take their pizza very seriously – and here at Eataly Las Vegas, we do too! We're proud to offer two different styles of traditional Italian pizza: la pizza Napoletana, Napoli-style pizza, and pizza alla pala, Roman-style pizza. What's the difference? In a few short words, la pizza Napoletana is our single-serving classic round pizza. It's got a thick-rim crust and is topped with traditional ingredients before baking in a blistering hot wood-burning oven. On the other hand, pizza alla pala, has a slightly thicker crust that's crispy on the outside, and soft and airy on the inside. Unlike the wood-fired Neapolitan variety, pizza alla pala is baked in an electric oven before it's slipped onto its namesake paddle, topped with fresh ingredients, and sliced into squares

WHERE TO EAT IT: You can try the classic Neapolitan pizza at La Pizza e La Pasta restaurant. For pizza alla pala, head to La Pizzeria, or get it by the slice at our bakery counter.


Our restaurants and counters boast a bountiful selection of pasta dishes, from the classic spaghetto al pomodoro to housemade fresh ravioli stuffed with seasonal ingredients. We import our specialty artisanal dry pasta from the town of Gragnano, the birthplace of dry pasta making where the high-quality dough is extruded through bronze molds and dried at low temperatures for up to 48 hours. The resulting pasta has a perfectly al dente and textured bite – and soaks up sauce way better than industrial varieties! In addition to dry pasta, we also make our own fresh pasta every day following traditional Italian techniques, including ravioli, tagliatelle, spaghetti, and more!

WHERE TO EAT IT: La Pizza e La Pasta restaurant and La Pasta Fresca counter.

Chef at Manzo restaurant at Eataly Las Vegas


For carnivores, we have plenty of meat options to suit your taste. We take our meat just as seriously as our pizza and pasta, sourcing premium cuts from clean, sustainable farms and ranches like Heritage Farms USA, Creekstone Farms, and Broken Arrow Ranch. From grilled specialties like tagliata di manzo (grilled sliced steak) to whole rotisserie chicken roasted right before your eyes, our restaurants and counters serve a variety of traditional Italian meat plates, as well as seasonal twists on the classics.

WHERE TO EAT IT: La Macelleria Butcher & Kitchen counter, Manzo restaurant, and Italian Street Food counter.


From raw oysters to seafood pasta, our fresh selection of fish and seafood dishes will instantly transport you to the Italian coast. It is our fishmongers' mission to not only find the finest and freshest seafood but to also work with sustainable fisherman and distributors from near and far.  We offer a variety of dishes inspired by the sea, including grilled plates, fritto misto di pesce (mixed fried seafood), and daily catch specials.

WHERE TO EAT IT: La Pescheria: Fishmonger & Kitchen counter or Italian Street Food counter.



Have a sweet tooth? So do we! Indulge in a traditional Italian traditional, like our filled-to-order cannoli, housemade gelato, and decadent pastries, made in-house every day. All of our pastries, gelato, and sweets are made in-house every day, all helmed by our pastry chef, Katia Delogu. We also have a full counter dedicated to Nutella, the beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread. Stop in for a crepe, waffle, or just a spoonful! All of this and more, paired with an Italian espresso or cappuccino from our coffee counter.

WHERE TO EAT IT: Nutella bar, Il Gelato counter, La Pasticceria, and Caffè Lavazza.


Whether you're looking for a refreshing cocktail to start off your night or the perfect wine to pair with your meal, our beverage program offers a wide variety of drinks to quench your thirst and satisfy any palate. Start your trip through Eataly off right with a classic Aperol Spritz or Negroni from L'Aperitivo cocktail bar, sip and savor a glass of Italian wine at Enoteca or our Wine Shop, and finish the evening off at Gran Caffè Milano, our upscale bar open all night long.

WHERE TO DRINK: L'Aperitivo, Enoteca, Gran Caffè Milano, and The Wine Shop


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