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July 27: Happenings at Eataly Las Vegas
  • Gelato Festa at Eataly Las Vegas

    Ready for all your gelato dreams to come true?

    We're holding the first-ever gelato festival in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 27. That's right! From 2 to 7 p.m., explore eleven stations spread across the entire store, with frozen favorites including classic gelato, boozy sorbetto, affogato, savory gelato, sweet focaccia with gelato, and exclusive flavors not normally found at Eataly Las Vegas. Taste the frozen treats and glory in the season.

    ...did we just make your summer?

    Buy your tickets to Gelato Festa in advance and save. Early birds can get a spoonful of 15 presale tickets for $40. On the day of, pick up a batch of 10 tickets for $40 or one ticket for $5 each at the Guest Relations Booth or Chef's Table.


      What's on the menu?


    Have you ever tried strawberry sorbetto and gelato topped with Ponti balsamic vinegar glaze? These sweet and acidic flavors mix to create a surprising effect for your palate.

    BOOZY SORBETTO | 2 Tickets

    Why have plain gelato when you can have it spiked with a little something extra? Have a scoop of boozy sorbetto, which includes raspberry sorbetto with Pallini Limoncello.

    CAPRESE GELATO | 2 Tickets

    Have you ever wished to yourself that you didn't have to choose between a classic Italian dish and a delicious dessert? You can enjoy both with our caprese gelato, made with tomato sorbetto and basil gelato with our housemade mozzarella, and topped with cracked black pepper, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil.


    When it comes to surprising combinations, nothing works better than the iconic combination of sweet and salty! Surprise your palate with delicious Ferrarini Prosciutto di Parma DOP paired with our melon sorbetto.

    SORBETTO & PROSECCO | 2 Tickets

    In true Vegas fashion, we agree that everything is better with Bisol Prosecco! Discover the combination of sorbetto and bubbles with the Bellini (white peach sorbetto and Bisol Prosecco), Rossini (strawberry sorbetto and Bisol Prosecco), and Mimosa (orange sorbetto and Bisol Prosecco).


    Baked fresh daily, our authentic focaccia is usually topped with a variety of high-quality and simple seasonal ingredients. For this event, Eataly artisans will bake a fresh, sweet focaccia to pair with housemade fior di latte (sweet milk) gelato.

    LAS VEGAS | 1 Ticket | 2 Tickets with Liquor

    In honor of the occasion, our expert pastry chefs have developed a specialty flavor for the city, combining all temptations in one cup. The Vegas Gelato combines simplicity and your deepest desires with fior di latte (sweet milk) and strawberry gelato topped with a choice of Amarena Fabbri (cherry), or Strawberry Fabbri, nuts, and liquor if you wish!

    GELATO AFFOGATO | 1 Ticket | 2 Tickets with Liquor

    Get lost in an affogato! Meaning "drowned" in Italian, the affogato is a classic Italian treat made with gelato doused in espresso or Sambuca (a famed anise-flavored Italian liqueur). Enjoy the tiramisu gelato with one shot of espresso Lavazza or have a cup of the coffee gelato with one shot of Sambuca.

    BOMBOLINO & GELATO | 1 Ticket

    A beloved Italian pastry, bomboloni are fluffy pillows of sweet fried dough typically filled with delicious cream or chocolate. Taste a small treat with a big surprise inside: a fresh bombolino filled with gelato - a treat you cannot miss!


    We love the classics. All of our artisanal gelato is made in-house every morning by our pastry team. Stop by the gelato counter to try our traditional housemade flavors including pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, stracciatella, sweet cream, and more topped with a wafer Loacker. After all, what would a gelato festival be without good old classic gelato?


    Gelato and Venchi gianduja together are unstoppable. Indulge with hazelnut gelato topped with delicious Venchi gianduja for the ultimate Italian sundae.


    Gelato Festa_small

     Ti aspettiamo! See you there!

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