Loro x Terra Grill Takeover

Loro x Terra Grill Takeover

This is not a drill, amici - on January 26, we’re bringing LORO Asian Smokehouse and Terra together for the fiery collab you didn’t know you needed.

For one night only, book your table for six courses of Asian, barbecue, Italian fusion, centered around the open flame and seasonal ingredients, created by Eataly’s chef Luigi Innuario and Loro’s chefs Arturo Hernandez and Nick Szabo. It’s a night inspired by earth and fire, and it’s guaranteed to be full of flavor, collaboration, and community. Book your spot. 


Why we love LORO

LORO is an Asian smokehouse and bar brought to Dallas by award-winning Chefs Tyson Cole (Uchi) and Aaron Franklin (Franklin Barbecue). Their menu features grilled and smoked meats that combine the flavors of Southeast Asia and Japan combined with traditional smoke flavors of the Lone Star State. Like Terra, Loro is a seamless unity of cultures, giving diners familiar dishes with completely unique flavors. Established in Austin, TX, Loro operates two outposts in DFW - their first in Old East Dallas and their most recent expansion in Addison. 

Like all of us at Eataly, LORO loves celebrating the culinary talent here in Dallas - that’s why we’re coming together for a night full of food, drinks, and collaboration! All of the dishes you’ll enjoy at Loro x Terra Grill Takeover will be one-of-a-kind, created in partnership by the chefs at Loro and Terra (and never before seen on either restaurants’ menus). Book your spot and get the chance to chat with all four chefs, enjoy six courses of Asian, Texan, and Italian flavors prepared over the open flame, and plenty of drinks. 


Tickets are $125 each and include:

-Six courses of Italian, Asian, and barbecue fusion created exclusively by LORO and Terra chefs together

-1 cocktail and 2 perfectly paired Italian wines

-The chance to chat with the chefs in our greenery-filled restaurant

Book your spot and get ready to experience LORO x Terra Grill Takeover! Salute!