Meet Nathan Carter

Meet Nathan Carter

To showcase Eataly Dallas' Patronage of the Arts theme, we commissioned local artist, Nathan Carter, to create Due Ellissi Garden Floral  & Formation Sound & Color, a permanent exhibition inside our marketplace. A celebrated artist in Dallas and around the world, Nathan Carter shared with us his connection to the city, passion, and inspiration behind this latest piece.

Tell us about your background.

I was born in Dallas, TX, and am now based in Brooklyn, NY.  As an adult, I hadn't really been back to the city where I was born until I went to a big museum gala here as an adult and I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of art showcased during the event and all of the museums and art institutions that I visited during that trip to Dallas. 

What is your connection to Dallas and NorthPark Center? 

I remember getting a tour of the shopping center and I remember walking in and seeing fantastic sculptures installed next to retailers. I remember thinking that they take art really seriously in a way that only Texans can - mixing their culture with art. You walk through these cavernous hallways with really incredible art everywhere and stores around them. The art is treated in a way that it would be treated as if it's in a museum. I’ve always wanted to have a piece inside NorthPark Center. 

How did you decide on the inspiration for this piece?

I am always inspired by objects with a utilitarian purpose, that can be used as methods of non-verbal communication, and how it would look to have text messages or radio waves flowing through the air. Any kind of non-verbal communication is interesting because it means we're getting messages through shapes and objects. 

What materials are you using for this piece? 

The structures themselves are almost as if I was able to repurpose an existing radar dish that was blown off the roof in a storm, that I was able to collect and put back together in my studio. I added these abstract hand-cut forms that are made of shiny brass metal, painted with colors that might evoke something. The pink lines are made of welded steel channel that's painted, and then the shapes are made of brass that's cut by hand and hung by wire and painted on both sides. 

Eataly Dallas’ theme is Patronage of the Arts. We’ve been highlighting our Masterpieces - the highest expression of our producers - since we opened, as a way to cultivate creative conversations. Now your work is included as a Masterpiece. How does that feel?

I've always been fascinated by post-war food packaging, specifically cake boxes and pastry boxes. They have this mixture of pastel colors and metallic inks, like gold foils with pink papers. They remind me specifically of things I’d find in pastry shops and markets around Italy. 

How do you see guests reacting to, and being inspired by, your work when they walk into Eataly?

These sculptures will be in a place that people go to and through. I love the idea of eating and talking around artwork, mixing those two things. These pieces will be in a space where people are carrying on and having an espresso or glass of wine. I wanted to have viewers of all ages who can have a connection with this almost child-like way of cutting materials or painting shapes, so there's a universal quality to the way these are made.

 Caffe Lavazza Eataly Dallas

Due Ellissi Garden Floral  & Formation Sound & Color by Nathan Carter will be a permanent exhibition inside Eataly Dallas, available to view from the first floor Caffè Lavazza, or our second-floor marketplace. Against the backdrop of NorthPark’s own world-renowned art collection, this hanging sculpture marks a small piece of our contribution to the local art scene, and we hope our guests will enjoy our own art - food and drink, now surrounded by this world-class piece of art.