A Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving

A Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving

It's never too early to get a jump on your Thanksgiving to-do list! This year, bring home an all-natural, humanely-raised turkey from our regional farms, then plan the rest of your menu with platters of salumi and formaggi, homemade desserts, and more. Or, take the holiday off and let our chefs do the cooking with pre-orders for full Thanksgiving meals, made in-house at Eataly Dallas.



While la Festa del Ringraziamento might not be an Italian holiday, we give thanks every day for bountiful harvests and fresh, fair ingredients. Our turkeys are heirloom and organic, raised humanely on a special diet, so that you can bring the same Italian quality and care to your Thanksgiving table.

At Eataly, we are proud to offer Thanksgiving turkeys that have been raised exclusively for us. We carefully sourced our birds from just two small-scale farms that follow the Eataly philosophy of good, clean, and fair. Every step taken ensures that the finished product on your Thanksgiving table is of the utmost quality and fullest flavor.

BELL AND EVANS FARM | Orefield, Pennsylvania
Pasture-Raised Turkeys
$5.90 per pound

Bell & Evans turkeys are bred and raised on Jaindl Farms in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. These turkeys are free to roam, have plenty of fresh air, pure well water, and are fed an all-vegetarian diet containing no antibiotics or growth hormones.

KELLY TURKEYS  | Crozet, Virginia
Kelly Bronze Dry-Aged Turkeys
$12.90 per pound

Experience high-quality and tradition with the only hand-plucked turkeys in the USA. Across 130 acres of woodland pasture at the foot of the Blueridge Mountains in Crozet, Virginia, Kelly Bronze birds are reared wild and free. Dry-aged for a minimum of seven days, these unique turkeys have an intensified flavor, superior texture, and produce a rich, natural gravy stock for a juicier meat.

Select sizes and quantities of each turkey available. Please refer to Thanksgiving guide.


Adding Holiday Ham to your Thanksgiving feast? Like all our meats, our pigs are raised free to roam daily on open pastures, and always without antibiotics, added hormones, or growth-promoting hormones ever. We believe that the health of both the animals and the land on which they are raised have a direct impact on the quality and flavor of the meat once it reaches your Thanksgiving table.

SNAKE RIVER FARMS | Snake River, Idaho
Heritage Holiday Ham
$12.90 per pound

Kurobuta is the Japanese term for "black hog" and refers to animals of the Berkshire variety, a heritage breed. This breed is highly marbled with a beautiful dark color, firm texture, and naturally delicious flavor. Produced using traditional curing methods and carefully smoked over hardwood, this pork is exceptionally juicy and full of flavor.


Need a little help in the kitchen? Let our chefs take the lead and pick up full housemade Thanksgiving meals, from roasted turkey breast to the stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and more, all made fresh at Eataly and ready to heat and eat at home.

Then, set the scene for an at-home feast! Start off the festivities with antipasti of salumi and formaggi. Our expert cheesemongers handcraft each platter with care, selecting only the best cheeses and salumi for all sizes of soirées. Start with paper-thin slices of Prosciutto di Parma DOP aged 24 months and rich Salame Felino IGP, then pair with the brothy notes of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Vacca Rossa, made with milk from heritage breed cows.

Complete your Thanksgiving menu with our selection of high-quality ingredients (think: freshly baked bread, housemade pasta, seasonal fresh vegetables), or go for something extra decadent like the prized tartufo bianco d'Alba – white truffles are now in season! – a selection of fresh seafood platters or Calvisius caviar, and Italian wines.

For dessert, pre-order our Tiramisù della NonnaPasticcini (mini pastries), the show-stopping Toro cake, and Torta di Mele for an Italian take on apple pie, all made from scratch by our pastry team. Plus, don't forget a loaf of Brioche alla Nocciolata - soft rolls topped with sugar and filled with rigoni di asiago nocciolata chocolate hazelnut spread to finish your meal with something sweet, and for breakfast the next day.



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