Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta

Every day at Eataly, enjoy a fresh pasta "show" while our pastai, or pasta makers, transform simple ingredients into intricate pasta shapes inspired by the rich traditions of every Italian region using simple high-quality ingredients: water, flour, and eggs. Our experts are ready to share advice for cooking and pairing each pasta shape; just ask!


At Eataly, our pasta-making style is inspired by Egidio Michelis and his children, Marco, Cristina, and Mario, who produce handmade pasta in the same laboratory that Egidio's grandfather founded in 1919 in Mondovì, Piemonte. The three generations have dedicated themselves to mixing water, flour, and eggs to produce a tender pasta that is stuffed with traditional fillings. Part of the Eataly team since the beginning, Egidio has trained all of our pastai around the world.


Pasta comes down to the quality of the dough, and our fresh pasta department is committed to using stone-ground flour by Molino Grassi in Italy and the freshest free-range eggs. All of our eggs come from pastured hens fed an organic vegetarian diet from local dairies. The result is more flavorful eggs that impart a gorgeous golden hue into our various shapes, such as tajarin, lasagne, pappardelle, and more.


The art of shaping fresh pasta by hand is rich: every Italian region has its own techniques and shapes. When you visit our fresh pasta counter, you can watch our expert pastai knead, roll, cut, and shape pasta by hand.


Our housemade selection of shapes is inspired by regions and seasons. Each of our handmade shapes is inspired by the traditions of a different Italian region: garganelli hail from Emilia Romagna, orecchiette from Puglia, malloreddus from Sardegna, and so on.