Caffè Lavazza

Caffè Lavazza

Boasting over 120 years of history, Lavazza was created by the tenacious and intuitive Luigi Lavazza. In 1895, he acquired a small grocery store in the heart of old Torino. Today the symbol of Italian espresso worldwide, Lavazza is an industry leader when it comes to quality. Our Caffè Lavazza at Eataly Dallas offers everything for a traditional colazione italiana (Italian breakfast), savory lunch panini and salads, and a special afternoon snack option to pair with your wine cocktails and dessert.


Food and Beverage Menu

Monday - Saturday
8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Caffe Lavazza Eataly Dallas

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Caffè Lavazza is both a tribute to Italy’s art, cuisine, history, and the role community plays in Dallas. The sleek caffè, with marble and wood accents, is home to the most authentic and perfectly balanced cappuccino in Dallas, a tower overflowing with sweet and savory bar snacks, and a way to give back to your fellow Dallasites.

Italian cappuccino at Eataly NYC Flatiron


Literally meaning "suspended coffee," Caffè Sospeso is a way to pay it forward, one espresso at a time. This little act of kindness originated among Neapolitan working-class neighborhoods: when someone stumbled upon good fortune, they would buy two espressos but drink only one, leaving the second one “suspended” for anyone else in their community to claim and enjoy.


When you purchase an espresso at Caffè Lavazza, you will have the opportunity to buy an extra coffee that any other Dallasite can walk in and enjoy, no questions asked, at any time. We invite you to embrace one another just as the Italians do – with a small and simple act of kindness centered around good food and drink.


The star of Caffè Lavazza is La Torre (The Tower), a multi-tiered tower overflowing with delectable treats. An Italian favorite often found in elegant metropolitan bars, La Torre is offered all day long and features an overflowing array of savory or sweet bites to share amongst friends (or enjoy yourself), all made fresh every day by Eataly’s expert pastry chefs.

From iconic pastries like Babà Napoletano (Neapolitan rum cake) and Tartina al Limone (lemon tart), to mini panini and the beloved salatinisavory puff pastry morsels like spinach and ricotta-stuffed puff pastry, Parmigiano cookies, and pizzette (little pizzas) served in every bar as an afternoon snack or a treasured aperitivo delight – La Torre is guaranteed to please everyone at the table.

La Torre Caffe Lavazza

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