Art Events at Eataly Dallas

Art Events at Eataly Dallas

Every Eataly in the world is dedicated to a theme: a piece of history, an influential person, an idea. (Eataly Roma is an homage to beauty, Eataly Smeraldo in Milano to music, Eataly Istanbul to history.) Eataly Dallas is dedicated to the Patronage of the Arts, and celebrates that theme with a calendar of arts-related events to bring creative conversations to the Italian marketplace.

Eataly Dallas is dedicated to the Patronage of the Arts because the arts move us all in different ways. We appreciate art from a personal point of view; the art itself is not the final result, but it is there to provoke thought and conversation. Works of art are just the beginning of an endless, fascinating conversation, where everyone’s opinion matters equally.

There’s nowhere else we’d rather have such intimate conversations than the table, sharing a meal and contemplating over a glass of wine. Eataly Dallas hosts a series of regular events, plus special pop-ups that you won't want to miss, to bring together local arts organizations, Italian artists, and – naturally – the art of food and drink. From virtual chats with artists to themed dinners, we look forward to welcoming you for creative conversations within our marketplace.

Due Ellissi Reflector Garden Floral  & Formation Sound & Color by Nathan Carter

Introducing Due Ellissi Reflector Garden Floral  & Formation Sound & Color, a new hanging art sculpture by Dallas native Nathan Carter. Eataly Dallas commissioned this original piece from this world-renowned artist to celebrate the thriving arts culture in Dallas within our marketplace. Against the backdrop of NorthPark Center's own world-renowned art collection, this hanging sculpture marks a small piece of Eataly Dallas' contribution to the arts community in Dallas to become a permanent part of the Italian marketplace


Due Ellissi Reflector Garden Floral  & Formation Sound & Color is a sequence of aerial beacons, each fitted with multiple color-coded reflective signal shapes. This pairing of ellipse forms emanates from Carter's interest in non-verbal communication apparatus & methods, art, architecture, and design circa the mid-nineteenth century. 

Working in an intuitive, abstract visual language, Carter tells his stories by hand-making sculptural assemblages that use color and form to reference marine radar reflectors, brass cymbals, horns, semaphore, phonetic & heliograph messages, rail, maritime, and aviation signals. The objects allude to electronic communications, transmitting and receiving imagined radio messages in Morse Code or spoken word with a soundtrack of heavy-sounding music. 


Nathan Carter was born in Dallas and now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He is best known for brightly colored, playful paintings and sculptures made from conventional materials like Plexiglass, metal, and wire. He received his MFA from the Yale University School of Art and has works on display at the Nasher Sculpture Center as well as other renowned art museums around the world. 


Every month, Eataly's Art Spotlight with NorthPark Center brings together local arts organizations, Italian artists, and the art of food and drink. With the Masterpieces of Eataly surrounding us, these sessions walk participants through the world of the artists, learning their backgrounds, the stories of their work, and their inspiration. This program aims to spark creative conversations within the Dallas community.

The Art Spotlight is a celebration of art in all forms, which is why participants in the monthly classes will enjoy our art – food, and drink – during the sessions. Participants will learn from local artists and art organizations while enjoying curated wine tastings, tastings, or chef demonstrations during the session.



The Masterpieces of Eataly is a selection of products that we believe represent the highest expression of our producers. From the Whole Red Datterino Tomatoes we use to make our beloved Lo Spaghetto al Pomodoro, to bold Barolo wine and our own housemade Rustic Otto bread, these ingredients are our own "works of art" in the form of food and drink. Ready to bring home your favorite works (of food and drink, that is)? Stop by our marketplace to shop the Eataly Masterpieces collection in-store, or find all of these ingredients and more for delivery or pick-up on Instacart and Mercato.


We want to set the stage for important cultural conversations. We want to listen to everyone’s opinion. We want to be inspired by a wide variety of artistic creations. We want to offer our art – the art of good food and drink – to the city. And most of all, we want you, Dallas, to tell us what art is. Check back here for updated art events, art news, and more as we continue to celebrate the Patronage of the Arts.

Ti aspettiamo!