Via Bologna Opens at Eataly Chicago

Via Bologna Opens at Eataly Chicago

Hop on your Vespa — we're headed to Emilia-Romagna!

All year long, we're taking you to some of Italy's most popular cities and regions to dine all'italiana in our pop-up restaurant and enoteca series! The next destination on our strade di sapori, or "journey of flavors," is the region of rolling hills and grassy fields: Emilia-Romagna.  From May 11 to June 3, experience this region of central Italia at Via Bologna, our pop-up featuring the region's food, drink, and prized ingredients (think: Parmigiano Reggiano, Aceto Balsamico di Modena, Prosciutto di Parma, and lots of vino).

The menu, curated by Executive Chef Will Serafini, includes cured meats and cheeses from Emilia-Romagna, piadine (traditional Romagnola flatbread with regional fillings), and Lasagne Bolognese with housemade pasta sheets and beef, pork, and veal ragu. For your secondo, or "second course," choose from meat and seafood dishes (think: grilled hanger steaks, PEI mussels, and pork spare ribs). What grows together goes together, so take a minute to hand-pick a bottle of vino from the restaurant's exclusive enoteca, comprised of wines exclusively from the region and available only to guests of Via Bologna.

In Via Bologna, you'll also discover a mercatino, meaning "small market," within the restaurant featuring products that are produced, packaged, and imported from Emilia-Romagna so you can bring home those prized ingredients — with a special retail offer!