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Meet Our Experts: Big Sky Grana

Meet Our Experts: Big Sky Grana

Stop by our tasting lab on the second floor from 12-3 p.m. on Saturday, March 18, for a tasting of Bleu Mont Dairy's award-winning Big Sky Grana.

At this special demonstration, you'll get to know our experts behind the counter and learn some tips and tricks to take back to your own kitchen.

Big Sky Grana is an award-winning "Grana-style" cheese made with raw cow's milk by Bleu Mont Dairy in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. In 2013, it was awarded 1st place in its category and 3rd place "Best in Show" by the American Cheese Society.

Bleu Mont Dairy is an artisan cheesemaker in southwest Wisconsin specializing in unique interpretations of classic European cheeses. Led by Willi Lehner, they chose milk that is always organic and sourced from pasture-fed cows on four family-run dairy farms in their area. Powered almost exclusively by wind and solar energy, the cheesemaking happens at Cedar Grove Creamery and the young cheeses are aged at Bleu Mont in a purpose-built cave on the property.
The founder of Bleu Mont Dairy, Willi Lehner, is nicknamed the "Mad Scientist of Cheesemaking" because of his eccentric personality and passion to experiment with new recipes. Hailing from Switzerland, his ancestors were some of the world's most talented cheesemakers. From them, Willi was able to learn how to make cheese in Switzerland at a young age. Since moving to Wisconsin, he has become a regular at local farmer's markets in the area and — fun fact — is very fond of yodeling.