HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! - Kick off summer in style with our special offer on Italy’s best al fresco food and drink. Get the details!

Showcase Chicago

  • Tie Your Toga Like A Roman

    To truly be Roman, you must master the art of tying a toga. Luckily, we know some real Romans. Get their guide, then join us at a real toga party on June 2!
  • Introducing Savory Gelato

    Cool off this summer at our Gelato Bar with a taste of our new savory flavors (think: Cacio e Pepe, Caprese, and Olive Oil)!
  • 24 Hours in Roma

    Discover how to spend one perfect day in Roma from the writer behind the blog An American in Rome.
  • Pecorino Romano DOP

    Discover the rich tradition of Pecorino Romano, sheep's milk cheese made in the countryside outside of Roma.
  • Breaking Bread in Roma

    Discover the tale of our all-new Roman breads at the bakery, from the famous street food to an aperitivo delight.
  • Eat Better, Save Better

    At Eataly, we want you to taste all the high-quality food and drink that we love, so we are now offering a curated selection at special prices, only through June 4. Continue reading

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