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Quattro Mani: Pizza Pairings with Urbanbelly & bellyQ

Quattro Mani: Pizza Pairings with Urbanbelly & bellyQ

At Eataly Chicago, we believe that pizza is a serious thing, which is why we've launched Quattro Mani: Pizza Pairings. After all, "four hands" are better than two! Held every Tuesday, the series features a different Chicago guest chef preparing pizza alongside our own pizzaioli — and you're invited to taste and learn with us. 

For the next Quattro Mani, join us in welcoming Chef Bill Kim from Urbanbelly and bellyQ on Tuesday, April 4, from 6-9 p.m. Taste our talented guest's pizza plated side by side with our own Neapolitan-style variety at La Pizza & La Pasta!

Chef Kim is bringing a little piece of Urbanbelly and bellyQ to Eataly with his pop-culture pizza named THAI THAI THAI Lemongrass Chicken Pizza (Urban Belly's signature lemongrass chicken ssam, fresh cilantro, thai basil, and roasted broccoli). Our pizzaiolo, Simone Iavarone from Rossopomodoro, has created Funghetta, meaning "little mushroom," (marinated mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and Prosciutto di Parma). Enjoy both for $18!

The best part? $10 from every pizza is going directly to Inspiration Kitchens in Chicago! Inspiration Kitchens helps individuals struggling with homelessness and poverty who are interested in learning to cook professionally get the skills and experience they need to build a career in the culinary industry.

No need to register for Quattro Mani; just show up at La Pizza & La Pasta or reserve your table! Then, join us all week for more pizza offerings.

Buon appetito!