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Quattro Mani: Pizza Pairings with Shake Shack

Quattro Mani: Pizza Pairings with Shake Shack

At Eataly Chicago, we believe that pizza is a serious thing, which is why we've launched Quattro Mani: Pizza Pairings. After all, "four hands" are better than two! Held every Tuesday, the series features a different Chicago guest chef preparing pizza alongside our own pizzaioli — and you're invited to taste and learn with us. 

For the next Quattro Mani, join us in welcoming Mark Rosati, Culinary Director at Shake Shack, on Tuesday, December 12, from 6-9 p.m. Taste our talented guest's pizza plated side by side with our own Neapolitan-style variety at La Pizza & La Pasta!

Pizzaiolo Mark brought an iconic ingredient from Shake Shack to make his pizza Bacon, Egg N’ Brussels (Shake Shack applewood-smoked bacon, Brussels sprouts, shaved red onion, capers, smoked mozzarella, soft cooked egg, and glaze with balsamic vinegar). To pair, Eataly and Rossopomodoro pizzaiolo Simone Iavarone took a note from Shake Shack to create his Shroom Pizza (gorgonzola fondue, cremini mushrooms, and fontina cheese). Enjoy both for $18!

The best part? 25% of all sales of pizza pairings on Tuesdays will go to the American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. What other reason could you need to eat pizza and help others?

No need to register for Quattro Mani; just show up at La Pizza & La Pasta or reserve your table!

Buon appetito!