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Quattro Mani: Pasta Series

Ci dispiace, amici! This Quattro Mani event series has passed. Stay tuned for more details about Quattro Mani: From Chicago For Chicago!

Guest chefs, pasta, and wine — it's all coming to Eataly this summer with the pasta edition of your favorite series!

Introducing Quattro Mani: Pasta Series. Why "quattro mani"? Because "four hands" are better than two! All summer long, our newest dinner series will take place in La Pizza & La Pasta featuring pasta made by some of Chicago's most talented chefs, including our very own Executive Chef Will Serafini.

Each month, a different chef will join us for a three-course preview dinner including a welcome glass of Prosecco, an antipasto, and two pasta dishes (one by our guest and one by Chef Will). If you want more wine, order perfectly-paired wines selected by our beverage experts to be poured with each pasta dish!

If you miss out on the launch dinner, don't worry! Each guest chef's pasta dish will be featured on the menu in La Pizza & La Pasta for the entire month following the preview dinner.