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Panettone & Vino Festa

Panettone & Vino Festa

'Tis the season of panettone! We have over 35 different varieties of the traditional Italian holiday cake in our marketplace, and we know it can be hard to choose.

Enter: Panettone & Vino Festa.

Rich, sweet, and fluffy, panettone is Italy's most famous holiday cake. Get into the holiday spirit and find your favorite one during our two-day Panettone & Vino Festa on Saturday and Sunday, December 8 and 9 from 12-7 p.m. each day! Enjoy complimentary tastes of the classic Italian holiday cakes panettone and pandoro alongside perfectly paired wines. Then, shop our marketplace to take home your favorites!

No need to register in advance – simply stop by to get a taste.


Literally translating to "big bread," panettone is traditionally made over several days as artisanal bakers hand-shape the finicky dough with natural yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise, then fold candied fruit into the dome-shaped cake. We love this classic version, but you should also experiment with the other varieties, from orange to hazelnut to chocolate (swoon).