Mercatino: Monthly Artisan Market

Mercatino: Monthly Artisan Market

Join us on the second Sunday of every month from 12-6 p.m. as we welcome local artisans and crafters to Eataly Chicago for Mercatino, our monthly craft market.

Mercatino, Italian for "market," is a place for local artisans and crafters to showcase their wares and share their passions with others. Just as we search carefully for the best products and producers to display on our shelves at Eataly, we have hand-selected each artisan for Mercatino. A selection of the city's best artisans will be stationed throughout the store displaying their innovative wares, from functional furniture to handmade jewelry. All artisans' wares will be available for purchase.

12 to 6 p.m.

Scrub Me, Katherine Heinze
Adorn Decor
MASHALLAH, Mashallah Gouleh
Acutechic, Ruby Thomas

Read about all these artisans below!


Adorn Decor
Adorn Decor is a local company specializing in candles made using beeswax, coconut wax made from cold-pressed coconut oil, or coconut wax blended with orange wax (and all-natural bi-product of the food industry). To make it every better, their wicks are made from untreated wood (making them crackle softly as they burn) or organic lead- and zinc-free cotton.


Scrub Me, Katherine Heinze
Scrub Me founder Katherine Heinze started her career in the skin care industry in 2010. Throughout her years of work as an esthetician, Katherine used her ingredient knowledge to create her plant based skin care line completely free of chemicals, harsh detergents, and manmade preservatives in order to avoid any harm caused by synthetic materials.


YASOU Skin Care
With a mission centered around combining beauty traditions, natural, and organic ingredients from the rich culture of Greece with American technology,  YASOU merges “old world” with “new world” to create a new Greek skin care experience for all.


MASHALLAH, Mashallah Ghouleh
With an innate appreciation of beautiful things, Mashallah Ghouleh a Chicago based jewelry designer began her career in fashion, working in Chicago as a wardrobe stylist. After 8 years of dressing some of the city’s most influential people she began her journey of designing when friends, family, and strangers requested that Mashallah make them pieces of their own. With that, MASHALLAH jewelry was born.


Acutechic, Ruby Thomas
Acutechic, a boutique that works hard to change hearts and minds that fashion is about individual expression instead of following the trends, was founded by Ruby Thomas. They believe that shopping for the “look” rather than for the name brand can express the person you are within and who you are today.


Happy shopping!