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Let’s Talk about Pizza

Let’s Talk about Pizza

Chicago is a city known for its passion for pizza. Whether deep-dish or tavern-style, each local pizzeria’s take calls for choice ingredients prepared in a particular way.

As Italians, we get that. Our own pizza napoletana, following Neapolitan tradition, is made with one of four types of dough, topped with the highest quality ingredients, baked for three minutes in a blisteringly hot wood-burning oven, served piping hot, and even eaten “the right way.” (Check out our tasty guide to Italian pizza here. Warning: you may need a pizza immediately.)

In other words – wherever you are – pizza is a serious thing. The love, labor, and tradition that go into the dish are incredible. Each pizzaiolo – pizza maker – is trained in the art and technique; each ingredient is significant, down to the smallest basil leaf.

And yet, we all occasionally are guilty of thinking “just any pizza” will do. No longer!

At Eataly Chicago, we are partnering with local chefs, citizens, and pizzerias in weekly events to revel in the best pizza together at La Pizza & La Pasta.


In these intimate workshops, one of our expert pizzaioli will show you how to make pizza dough from scratch, then top your pizza. You will enjoy complementary beer or wine, in addition to your pizza! See all workshops.


Enjoy a local guest chef’s pizza served alongside with our own pizza napoletana. We started the activities with Pizzeria Uno's signature Chicago deep-dish and continued on with chefs like Sarah Grueneberg, Matthias Merges, and Bill Kim; join us Tuesdays from 6-9 p.m. starting May 16 for the summer series! Learn more.


For just $9, your kids can choose their favorite pizza shape and toppings, from bunnies and butterflies to tomatoes and mozzarella. See details!

Before you join us, get a headstart with our how-to guide to making pizza on Eataly Magazine.

Buon appetito!