JUST CHILLED – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

Italia del Gusto Tasting: Anchovy Paste

Italia del Gusto Tasting: Anchovy Paste

Join us at our tasting lab on the second floor from 12-3 p.m. on Sunday, February 26, for a complimentary tasting of anchovy paste by Delicius.

Anchovy paste is a super salty paste made from ground and cured anchovies, water or olive oil, vinegar, and sugar. Since it's flavor can be overwhelming, our chefs recommend it to be added into soups and other dishes in small quantities.

Italia del Gusto is a consortium of more than 30 Italian producers who share our value: bring the best of Italy to the world. From pasta to prosciutto to Prosecco, each high-quality product offers a taste of regional Italian tradition. The producers are both small-scale and well-known (who hasn't enjoyed a bowl of Barilla penne?), giving the family-run companies a chance to share their local culinary heritage, artisanal skills, and flavors with new audiences.

All month long, we are featuring these items in our marketplace with complimentary tastings! Learn more about Italia del Gusto.