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Introducing Savory Gelato

Introducing Savory Gelato

As the weather gets warmer, dive into a new kind of gelato: savory!

That's right. After weeks of experimenting, our expert pastry chefs have created a new menu of gelati salati, taking inspiration from Italian classics ranging from cacio e pepe to red wine. In other words: you'll never have to choose between your favorite Italian dish (or drink!) and dessert ever again.

Explore the new flavors below, then stop by our Gelato Bar on the first floor for a taste!


Inspired by the Roman dish, our Cacio e Pepe flavor is made using a blend of freshly-grated Pecorino Romano and 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano. Then, our team finishes each cup or cone with freshly-cracked black pepper!


At Eataly, we look for any and every opportunity to work with local farmers and producers — and gelato is no exception! To make our new basil flavor, we source the freshest basil from local farms through our produce partner, Testa.


Using locally-grown vine-ripened tomatoes, this new sorbetto is lightly flavored using tomatoes from MightyVine Tomatoes in Rochelle, Illinois. Cool off with a cup or cone of this fresh summertime flavor!


Our chefs took a trip south alongside our beverage experts to find the perfect wine to make our red wine gelato: Tormaresca Primitivo Toricoda, a fruitful red wine from southern Italy.


Made using Lucchi & Guastalli D.O.P. Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Spezia in east Liguria, this flavor is a classic! The unfiltered olive oil features Taggiasca and Razzola olives, resulting in a very buttery, light, fruity, and delicate flavor with a floral aroma. We serve it with salt and a little extra virgin olive oil on top. Pair the new flavor with our basil gelato or tomato sorbetto for an extra-Italian experience!


Mix the all-new Pomodoro Sorbetto and Basilico Gelato with our classic Fior di Latte, or "sweet milk" gelato, to create the classic Italian dish: Caprese! We'll serve it up in a cup and top with cracked black pepper, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil.


Buon appetito!