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Four Doughs

Four Doughs

Chicago pizza lovers, prepare yourselves for not one but four new styles of pizza!

We were inspired by Napoli, the vibrant southern Italian city with ancient pizza traditions. Over the past thousand years, every family has developed their own recipe; every township its own characteristic pizza. So, we partnered with Rossopomodoro, the Napoli-based company behind the pizza at La Pizza & La Pasta, to create four doughs that showcase the different varieties of Neapolitan pizza.

"Through these new doughs, guests have the opportunity to enjoy pizza napoletana in all of its regional nuances," said Rossopomodoro President and CEO Simone Falco. "The result is a set of special pizzas that will make any palate happy!"


The Original Pizza Napoletana

This classic-style pizza from Napoli made with “Type 00” flour is the most elegant and complex of all. The long leavening time (24-plus hours) paired with the brief cooking time produces a pizza with a thin, elastic center and a charred, airy crust.


Old World Innovation

This dough is the precursor to the pizza we know today, originally made from leftover bread dough from bakeries in the suburbs of Napoli. The “Type 1” whole grain flour and slow-rising process yield a slightly sweet and hearty dough.


Classic yet Crispy

This contemporary take on pizza is typical of the coastal towns near Napoli (think: Amalfi Coast). Made with the same “Type 00” flour as the Classica, this dough proofs longer and cooks longer resulting in a lighter, crispier crust that is soft in the middle and never disappoints.


Light and Gluten-Free

This airy, slightly caramelized crust is made from an innovative blend of corn, rice, and gluten-free buckwheat flours, offering all the flavors of the real pizza napoletana with a lighter base! While the dough is gluten-free, our environment is not, meaning trace amounts of gluten may be present — it is not certified for those with celiac disease.

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