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Four Doughs at Eataly Chicago

Four Doughs at Eataly Chicago

Eataly and Rossopomodoro have introduced all-new variations of pizza napoletana with four different doughs at La Pizza & La Pasta.

“With this new offer, Rossopomodoro at Eataly will become the ultimate destination for pizza," said Simone Falco, President and CEO of Rossopomodoro USA. "Through the new doughs, guests have the opportunity to enjoy pizza napoletana in all of its regional nuances. The result is a set of special pizzas that will make any palate happy.”

The four new doughs are used to make four different pizzas:

Classica, the signature pizza napoletana for Eataly and Rossopomodoro, is a thin, elastic center with a charred, chewy crust made with Type 00 flour in a wood-fired oven.

Rustica is a “multi-grain” style dough that is slightly sweet and has a crispier crust made with Type 1 flour and soft wheat in a coal-fired oven.

Moderna features a light and fluffy crust with a crispier center made with Type 00 flour in a coal-fired oven.

Leggera offers a low-gluten dough with a mild, delicate, and slightly caramelized crust made with corn, rice, and buckwheat flour [naturally gluten-free] flours in a wood-fired oven.

The arrival of these pizzas include new additions to the restaurant, including a large interactive dough display with timers to show rising times for each of the new doughs. Additionally, one of the iconic forni dorati, or “golden ovens,” will now be burning coal as opposed to White Oak in order to make the Rustica and Moderna varieties.

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