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Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day, Every Day

At Eataly, we love to know our producers. And we want you to know them, too! Join us on Saturday, November 18, for our seasonal producer day featuring some of our favorite local producers.

From recycling to bicycling, our daily choices can make a difference. On November 18, join Eataly as we choose to support our producers, whose sustainable products are good (taste delicious), clean (don’t hurt the environment), and fair (treat employees well).

From 12-6 p.m. on Saturday, November 18, guests will have the chance to meet the people behind the products across our marketplace to showcase the same wares sold in our marketplace, from locally-cured salumi to cold brew coffee (can’t get much greener than that!).

But we’re in this together. What you choose every day determines what we'll stock on our shelves over time. When you demand quality products, you support the local farmers, fishermen, butchers, bakers, and cheesemakers who produce them. You create a better environment — for eating and beyond.


Naturally Nutty (nut butters)
Modest Coffee (cold brew coffee)
Pilot Knob (popcorn)
West Loop Salumi (cured meats)
Smoking Goose (cured meats)
Ludwig Farmstead Creamery (cheese)
Olympia Provisions (cured meats)
Lamer's Dairy (milk)
Capriola Goat Cheese
Billy Goat Chips

Mark your calendars! Our next seasonal producer day will be on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

Earth Day