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Dry Pasta & Rice

Dry Pasta & Rice

Though its ingredients are often as simple as flour and water, pasta is an art that spans shapes, sizes, and regions. Every shape offered at Eataly is extruded through a bronze mold and air-dried for 24 to 48 hours to ensure pasta of the perfect consistency to stick to sauce. Eataly's shelves are stocked with a wide selection of dry pasta; Arborio rice for the perfect risotto; and other grains such as farro, barley, and Kamut®.


It is no coincidence that Gragnano, Campania, is the birthplace of dry pasta making. As early as the 11th century, the first flourmills were constructed along the waterways flowing from Monti Lattari (a mountain range named for another culinary wonder, goat “latte,” or milk). By 1848,  premiere pastifici, like Pastificio del Cavaliere Olimpio Afeltra, were air-drying each piece of pasta in the Mediterranean breeze. Today, Afeltra uses the same water from Monti Lattari, and each shape is bronze-extruded and dried in the same Mediterranean breeze. The result is time-honored pasta produced with quality ingredients according to quality technique. Afeltra continues to honor the land with its new line, Afeltra Bianca. Each shape is made with 100% Italian grain cultivated in Puglia and is packaged in 100% biodegradable bags made out of discarded apple cores.


Pasta’s humble ingredients of flour and water have a rich history in the Campania region: ancient bread ovens were uncovered at Vesuvius and water from the Lattari mountains powered mills as early as the 11th century. Pastaio di Gragnano crafts all of their pasta shapes by guiding a sheet of dough through a bronze mold and air-drying each shape for 24-48 hours. The result is pasta of the perfect consistency to stick to sauce.


Located in the region of Campania, Rigorosa is "rigorous" in selecting the highest quality ingredients and following time-honored techniques to produce their dry pasta. Carefully-selected grains are slowly mixed in an airtight chamber, extruded through a bronze mold, and dried at a low temperature for at least 24 hours. The result is pasta perfect enjoyed al dente.


Lidia Bastianich is a beloved television chef, best-selling cookbook author, and Eataly partner. Her pasta is manufactured in Italy using the finest durum wheat milled in an award winning facility. Each shape is air dried slowly to obtain the best texture and flavor.


Garofalo pasta is crafted in Gragnano, Campania, the birthplace of dry pasta. Since 1789, the historic pastificio has nurtured generations of pastamakers who have passed down their time-honored techniques. Their transparent packaging is no coincidence: they want you to see the beauty and quality of each pasta shape inside.


Antignano is not only a pastamaker but also  an ancient village in Piemonte nestled among the Alfieri hills. Here, a prized variety of corn called “otto file” grows. Protected by a Slow Food Presidium, this heritage grain gets its name from its unique “eight rows” of kernels. Mulino Marino, a historic mill in the nearby province of Cuneo, traditionally stone grinds “otto file” grain to create a pure corn flour for Pastificio Antignano to use in select pasta shapes.