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Regional Dinner Series

Regional Dinner Series

From the mountains in Piemonte to the hills of Toscana to the warmth of Sicilia, Italy has a lot to offer. The flavors are as unique as its regions, each with their own blend of ingredients and flavors, always made with passion and reverence for tradition.

Explore each region in our newest class series: Cucina Regionale!

In this ongoing series, dine family-style in La Scuola, our cooking school, as our chefs prepare elaborate meals featuring regional dishes and carefully-chosen wine pairings. Learn about the region's food and culture from our chefs and beverage experts (and sometimes surprise guests!) as they introduce each course.

You'll experience dinner in a new way as our chefs find innovative ways to present dinner in the most traditional ways. As always, you will leave dinner with recipes and tasting notes, plus an exclusive offer to use while you shop in our marketplace that evening.