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Il Tartufo e Il Vino

Il Tartufo e Il Vino

Ci dispiace! Il Tartufo e Il Vino has closed for the season. Explore our other restaurants at Eataly Chicago!

Every year, we open Il Tartufo e Il Vino, our seasonal restaurant dedicated to experiencing white and black Italian truffles like never before. In an all-new designed space, you'll be transported to the woods of northern Italy (where truffles are foraged!) for a classic Piemontese meal with a modern twist. Enjoy truffles in their purest form while you sip bold reds hand-selected from the restaurant's unique selection.


A truffle is a tuber that only grows underground in the wild forests of northern and central Italy. Revered as rare culinary gold, truffles cannot be planted or tamed; each variety is only available a few months out of the year. Once you taste the earthy, aromatic ingredient, which we love to shave over breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you'll understand why truffles are beloved across the world. Learn more!


Il Tartufo is a collaboration with Urbani Truffles, the world’s most esteemed distributor of the revered Italian truffle. Led by brothers Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendants of the company’s founder, Urbani works directly with local truffle hunters who are connected to the land. These hunters and their trained dogs, following ancient traditions, search for the rare tuber; Urbani helps us get their fresh findings less than 48 hours out of the earth!

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