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Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

This November, get a jump on your holiday to-do list: pre-order an all-natural, humanely-raised heritage turkey from our local, family-run farms.

At Eataly, we are proud to offer turkeys that have been raised exclusively for us. We carefully sourced our birds from farms that follow the Eataly philosophy of good, clean, and fair. Every step taken ensures that the finished product on your Thanksgiving table is of the utmost quality and fullest flavor.


Ready to complete your holiday table with one of our delicious, high-quality, and sustainable turkeys? Pre-order before Friday, November 16!

Email or call our butcher counter at 312.521.8700 ext 438

Then, complete your Thanksgiving meal by shopping our selection of condiments, housemade sides (think: sweet sausage turkey giblets!), and wines. You will receive 10% off a selection of wines from Eataly Vino when you pick up your pre-ordered turkey.


Ferndale | $4.20 per pound
Free-range turkey, available in 2-pound increments
These broad-breasted white turkeys from Ferndale are a classic choice for Thanksgiving. They are free from cages, antibiotics, and enjoy fresh air and feasting on the farm's grass pasture.

Ho-Ka | $3.90 per pound
Tom turkey
Born and raised on the Kauffman Turkey Farm, these beautiful, large turkeys are grown slowly with an emphasis on quality, resulting in a richer flavor and denser texture.

KellyBronze | $10.90 per pound
12-14 pound Dry Aged Turkeys
Experience high quality and tradition with the only hand plucked turkeys in the USA. Dry aged for a minimum of seven days, these unique turkey's have an intensified flavor, superior texture, and produce a rich, natural gravy stock for a juicier meat.



A true Thanksgiving bird, the heritage breed hearkens back to the turkeys of the American forefathers. Known for its tender dark meat, the heritage turkey is raised like its brothers in the wild, allowed to be active and not subjected to growth hormones.

The active lifestyle and slower growth results in deep-red, gamy, full-flavored meat. (Plus, your conscious can be clear on Thanksgiving, knowing that you supported a humane practice.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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After you pre-order your bird, check out our delicious recipe for roast turkey on Eataly Magazine!