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A Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving

A Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving

This November, get a jump on your Thanksgiving to-do list: pre-order an all-natural, humanely-raised turkey from a family-run farm, then plan the rest of your menu with our housemade sides and more!

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Premium turkeys are available from $4.80 per pound (see below for prices per pound for house-brined, seasoned, or roasted). To inquire about our quality turkeys, visit our butcher counter or call 312.521.8700. Quantities are limited, so get your orders in as soon as possible!

Complete your Thanksgiving menu with our selection of classic ingredients and housemade sides (housemade stuffing mix, cauliflower puree with Brussels sprouts, and roasted vegetables), seasonal beers, and Italian wines. Then, chat with our experts at our butcher counter for recipe ideas (or snag this one for roast turkey) and spend a few minutes with our vegetable butcher in our produce department for help prepping your holiday vegetables.

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At Eataly, we are proud to offer some of the best turkeys in Chicago, which have been raised exclusively for us. We carefully sourced our birds from two small-scale farm that follows the Eataly philosophy of good, clean, and fair: Ferndale Farms and Peacock's Poultry Farm. Every step taken ensures that the finished product on your Thanksgiving table is of the utmost quality and fullest flavor.

FERNDALE FARMS | Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Premium fresh turkeys
$4.80 per pound; $5.80 per pound if seasoned or brined; $9.80 per pound if roasted

When Dale Peterson and his wife, Fern, first started growing turkeys on their Cannon Falls farm, they did it the only way they knew how — without shortcuts. 75 years and three generations later, that philosophy hasn’t changed. Their free-range turkeys are raised with no antibiotics or artificial growth hormones, fed an all-natural diet of grains, vitamins and minerals from a local feed mill, and processed-naturally with no additives.

Highest quality turkeys
$5.80 per pound

Peacock’s Poultry Farm was founded in 1928 by George Peacock, where their animals grazed freely in the fields. They raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, and beef, all without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Today, Peacock's Poultry Farm is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated business, run by the founder's grandson, Gerald.

Stuffing thanksgiving

After you pick up your bird, check out our delicious recipes for roast turkey and mushroom-sausage stuffing!