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  • Cannoli Bar

    Taste authentic Sicilian cannoli at the newest counter at Eataly Chicago! Our team fills crunchy cannoli shells right before your eyes with freshly-whipped sweet ricotta infused with traditional flavors, including candied orange, pistachio, and tiramisù. The full menu includes pairing options, like your choice of toppings and Italian wines. Continue reading

  • La Gastronomia

    Enjoy Eataly’s regional Italian food on the go at Gastronomia. This counter features a series of exceptional prepared foods that meet the same high-quality standards of the dishes in our restaurants, from grilled vegetables to freshly-baked lasagna. The menu changes daily based on our chefs’ favorite seasonal ingredients. Create a plate, and savor anywhere. Continue reading

  • La Pasticceria e Venchi

    At Eataly, our pastry chefs are not only interested in making beautiful pastries every day: our head pastry chef, Luca Montersino, has devoted his career to raising awareness of the benefits of eating healthy, natural foods. By developing recipes that those with food allergies and intolerances can savor, he has created traditional Italian pastries with a healthy twist. All of Eataly's dolci are made in-house daily using the freshest seasonal ingredients, including cannoli, tarts, cakes, pasticcini, and more.

    Continue reading

  • Nutella Bar

    Nutella and Eataly are iconic Italian brands that share a common belief in high-quality foods inspired by a rich heritage grounded in family tradition. The Nutella bar at Eataly Chicago invites you to discover and experience the iconic hazelnut-chocolate spread in creative ways that you have never tasted before. The curated menu features an assortment of tasty items, including croissants, crêpes, cookies, and much more! Continue reading

  • La Focaccia

    Every day, Eataly Chicago's bakers provide our focaccia counter with an abundant selection of the beloved Italian flatbread. Baked fresh daily in our wood-burning oven, these traditional Italian snacks are topped with a variety of high-quality and seasonal ingredients, including simple sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, olives and herbs, tomato sauce and mozzarella, and stuffed. Each square is perfect for a light lunch on the go. Continue reading

  • Gelato Bar

    In Italy, gelato is appropriate in any season and at any time of day. Enter: Gelato Bar, Eataly Chicago's new counter that serves a selection of housemade gelati and sorbetti, and coppe (Italian for "bowls," or elaborate sundaes). Continue reading

  • La Rosticceria

    The ultimate destination for meat lovers, La Rosticceria features a selection of housemade antipasti, panini, beverage pairings (wine or beer, anyone?), and roasted meats from the rotisserie. Every day, we feature roasted meat from our butcher counter, available by the pound, on a panino, or as part of a piatto (meaning "plate"). Continue reading

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