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Sale-a-brate with Special Tasting Menus

Sale-a-brate with Special Tasting Menus

Ci dispiace, amici! These menus are no longer available. To see the most up-to-date menus, please see our restaurants here.

If you haven't heard, we are celebrating our 12-year global anniversary this month with some incredible offers in our marketplace. To add to the festivities, our chefs have put together a unique tasting menu for each of our restaurants, featuring the best that each has to offer (think: Neapolitan pizza, melted cheese, and lots and lots of pasta).

And if that's not enough, you can unlock a rotating special of $6 glasses and $30 bottles of wine (red, white, sparkling) when you order any of our tasting menus. We'll toast to that!

Review the tasting menus and restaurants below! If you can't choose, make plans to try all three — Grand Tour, 21st century-style. Buon appetito!


Lunch and dinner three-course tasting menu, $24 per person

Our flagship restaurant, La Pizza & La Pasta serves exactly what you think it does: wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza and artisanal, al dente pasta. If you're craving Italian food, chances are you want pizza and pasta — so indulge a little, and go somewhere you can have both! The two-course Sale-a-bration tasting menu for La Pizza & La Pasta includes our housemade mozzarella and a selection of either our a Neapolitan pizza or housemade pasta.



Lunch and dinner three-course tasting menu, $26 per person

The Italian Alps await in our winter restaurant, BAITA! Here through March 2019, you can enjoy food and drink fit for chilly ski slopes and cozy fireplaces (think: melted cheese, warming reds, seasonal cocktails, and more). The three-course Sale-a-bration tasting menu for BAITA, includes the key staples of the winter restaurant, including raclette, gnocchi, roasted Brussels sprouts, and more.



Lunch tasting menu, $26 per person | Dinner tasting menu, $44 per person

A hidden gem on the second floor, Osteria di Eataly (pronounced oh-ste-ree-ah) is our answer to casual dining with a menu featuring a variety of regional Italian specialties. On the three-course Sale-a-bration lunch menu (four courses for dinner!), you'll find classic plates like our housemade mozzarella, fresh pasta, braised short ribs, and more.