JUST CHILLED – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

Pop-Up Sale: Sept. 11-17

Pop-Up Sale: Sept. 11-17

They say love makes you do crazy things — and they're right. Because we love you (and our producers love you, too), we are offering incredible sales on the best food, drink, and beyond.

Yep. It's Sale-tember, amici!

Piling onto the month-long sales, come to Eataly Chicago for the surprise pop-up salesEach week, we're introducing you to some of our favorite Italian producers across the market (think: pantry, fresh, and housewares) with up to 50% off the entire line.

...intrigued yet? Now that we have your attention, let us tell you the story of this week's amazing producers, on sale only from September 11 to 17!


50% off all balsamic vinegars, sauces, and more*

Giovanni Ponti, known to his friends and family as “Giovanni dell’Aceto” (think: the Johnny Appleseed of vinegar), started making his own balsamic vinegar in 1867 in his home region of Piemonte.

Today, the same impeccable taste and high standard live on in the brand’s renowned balsamic vinegars, in addition to a line of high-quality sauces, preserved vegetables, and more — the perfect staples to restock your pantry.


53% off wedges of the high-quality cheese*

Pecorino Romano DOP is a traditional cheese produced in the village of Nepi, just 15 miles north of Roma, using whole milk from sheep raised in Lazio. The cheese is then coated in black wax per tradition, making it easy to spot.

The resulting cheese is rich and flavorful with pungent and almost sweet notes. Enjoy grated over classic Roman dishes, like Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, or savored on its own as a pleasantly grainy addition to a cheese plate. Swoon.


30% off all Joseph Joseph housewares*

Founded by twin brothers, Joseph Joseph is a line of innovative housewares that are sought across the world. The functional, hygienic nature of their very first product, a simple glass chopping board, shifted the brothers’ focus onto designing everyday products with an aesthetic yet ultimately entirely useful design.

From serving spoons to potato peelers, these functional houseware products promise to brighten your kitchen.

Check back next week for the latest surprise sales on old classics and new favorites. And don't forget our month-long sale on hundreds of other iconic Italian food, drink, and beyond!


* Limited to three items per customer while supplies last. Share the Sale-tember love! Please note that this pop-up sale varies from the online version; see details here!