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Pasta-Making Demonstration with Marcato

Pasta-Making Demonstration with Marcato

Join us at the entrance of Eataly Chicago from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. for a complimentary pasta-making demonstration with Marcato.

Marcato is the world leader in the production of machines and accessories to make fresh pasta, biscuits, bread, and pizza at home. Made exclusively in Italy, Marcato products offer a level of quality evident of their 80 years of experience. From counter top pasta-making machines to expertly made pasta cutting tools, their collections include beautiful designs, classic tools, and professional-grade machines.

Only on the day of the demonstration, you'll receive a complimentary Tacapasta (pasta drying rack) with your purchase of any Marcato "Atlas 150," a pasta-making machine.*

*Offers valid only on day of demonstration. Blue and red Atlas 150s and Tacapastas available. Demonstrations are scheduled for August 12-13, September 23-24, October 21-22, and November 18-19.

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A presto — see you soon!