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Caviar Day at Eataly Chicago

Caviar Day at Eataly Chicago

Every year at Eataly, we declare Caviar Day with special deals on Italian caviar and complimentary tastings throughout our marketplace. Check back soon when we'll announce the next one!

Why do we want you to celebrate salt-cured fish eggs, you ask? We love caviar, and think you should, too — especially during the holidays. Caviar is a rich and buttery favorite that knows how to hang during casual pre-dinner drinks or impress at the finest dinner party. Trust us – once you taste it you’ll get what we mean.

We source all of our caviar from Calvisius, a sustainable company located in the small northern Italian town of Calvisano, situated between Venezia and Milano. There, you will find Agroittica Lombarda, the most prolific caviar farm in the world, producing 25 tons of eggs per year according to sustainable farming methods. The result is rich, buttery caviar that is good for the world (and great for your plate)!

Discover it for yourself during our next Caviar Day!


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